Friday the 13th: The Game Receives New Patch, Fixes Crouch Glitch; Now Live for PS4, Other Platforms to Follow

Within the past couple of weeks, Friday the 13th: The Game players found a crouch glitch that allows them to glitch into walls, on top of roofs, and much more.

However, Gun Media and Illfonic Games were quick with action and countered the exploit. Patch 1.06 fixes the problem and more bugs; it is currently live on the PS4. In a Facebook post, the developers detailed what the patch is and confirms that other platforms will be receiving the patch soon.

Read the full statement down below:

We are happy to announce that a hotfix patch for PlayStation 4 has gone live!

This hotfix is mainly addressed at fixing memory leak issues (those crashes that occur from time to time) as well as the various exploits that have been utilized by players. The ‘crouch glitch’ that has been used by players to get on roofs and within hidden areas is patched out and should no longer be occurring to players. Other areas have also been looked at and patched up as to prevent users from getting into spots where Jason cannot go.

These fixes are already live on Steam as per the last patch and Xbox One users can expect a full patch shortly; our main focus is to ensure crash issues that are occurring on Xbox One are reduced to as close to zero as possible. Per our earlier updates; this is a far more involved process with consoles, however testing is going well and we feel confident that dashboarding crash issues will be alleviated with the upcoming patch!

Again, thank you all for your patience and support. We received over 5,000 reports this weekend due to the exploit issue which prompted us to take action as quickly as possible. Bans have been issued and will continue to be issued to those exploiting to harass/abuse other users.


In recent news, the developers created a retro skin for Jason and added two new outfits for each counselor. The free DLC was given due to the game’s rocky launch. Read more about the free DLC right here.

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