Playdead and 505 Games Partner to Bring Limbo and Inside to Retail; Physical Edition Announced

Playdead and 505 Games have partnered up to bring the developers two masterpiece titles, Limbo and Inside, to retail.

The two games will come packaged together and will cost $29.99 in the US and £19.99 in the UK. Both these games have been critically acclaimed, and if you have yet to try either of these titles, this is now the time.

Here is an overview of each game, via Playdead (via Gematsu):

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  • Limbo is an eerie black-and-white 2D sidescroller that features elements of film noir, terrific horror and haunting imagery that adds increased depth to the game’s minimalist and ambient gameplay.
  • Inside heaves unique challenges at players navigating a stark, yet gorgeous dystopian monochromatic 2.5D environment to guide the red-shirt wearing protagonist away from nearly certain death that culminates in a heart-pounding climax.

Inside is the latest game from Playdead which has gotten many gamers feeling mixed emotions. After following up such a creepy and subtle game like Limbo, many fans didn’t know what to expect. If you have yet to hear about Inside, you can check out our Before You Buy video on the game right here!

The physical copy of the game is set to release later this year on September 12 for PS4 and Xbox One.