Next Hitman Game Will Be Handled by a Different Studio


Agent 47's story is far from over, with IO Interactive stating that it plans to continue the franchise with a "fresh perspective" on the character in the next Hitman game, which is already in development at Square-Enix Montreal. 

Speaking to the Official Playstation Magazine, Hitman director Tore Blystad likened the upcoming Hitman game to Infinity Ward and Treyarch's separate handling of the Call of Duty series. 

“You have an IP that has been developed. They will feed off each other, as well as some things that stand out. I think with these big franchises it takes a long time to develop just one game. If you can, work a little bit in parallel at least and help each other out”.

The developer stated that each studio would handle the Hitman franchise in its own way, much as each director in an Aliens film brought their own ideas to the table and delivered contrasting experiences. 

“We’ve been talking about these similarities to some of the big movie franchise like Aliens, where everyone’s doing it their own way. Every time someone gets their hands on a franchise they do something different. So rather than doing the same thing again you get another take on the character from a fresh perspective.

“There’s a lot of these problems you encounter with these sort of productions, some of them are really fundamental problems, or they have a big effect on the game – like how you do a mechanic for instance. If you change a mechanic too much then the whole gameplay will be modified."

It goes without saying that the Hitman series will no longer be IO Interactive's baby alone. 

In the same interview, the developer also confirmed that IO Interactive is currently working on a new project unrelated to the Hitman IP.

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