We Might Be Getting A New Thief Game Soon

Attention, sneak ’em up fans – if comments from film production company Straight Up Films are legitimate, a new Thief game is definitely on the horizon. This is the same company who secured the rights to a Thief film last year. Like the Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider big screen entries, the Thief film will also be an action adventure title.

Thief is a pioneer in the stealth genre, forever redefining gameplay mechanics with the introduction of a light metre, and AI that can pick up on the sound of your movements. Although the 2014 reboot had a pretty lukewarm reception, the fifth installment in the series (Thief: The Dark ProjectThief II: The Metal AgeThief: Deadly Shadows and Thief 4) could swing public perception around.

Neither Square Enix nor Eidos have officially confirmed Straight Up Films’ claim, so take it with a grain of salt at this stage. What would you like to see happen in a new Thief game? Let us know!

Author’s comments: The 2014 Thief reboot tried to cast a broader net by fusing streamlined action gameplay with stealth, but in doing so, lost some of its more hardcore audience. A return to pure stealth, whilst a more niche genre, will revitalise the magic.