3D Stealth Puzzler Protoform Takes Shape Into Something Mysterious

If you’ve ever heard of Planet Explorers, you’ve heard of Pathea Games. Charming audiences with its beautiful music, terraforming adventures, and open world sandbox environments, it released to mostly positive reviews on Steam. But for their next venture, Pathea are opting for something totally different. Protoform is a third-person stealth game with a heavy focus on puzzlework.

Players need to guide a young, t-shirt dress wearing girl through a series of corridors lined up with deadly robots (sentries). Sneaking past them is mandatory, since any sound will prompt them into firing a laser beam straight at you. The environments look very streamlined and futuristic, so it follows that Pathea is describing it as a mixture between Portal and Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. Like Portal, there will be a cube in the game, but it comes with multiple functions such as distracting sentries and opening doors.

Pathea’s other titles include the 2011 underwater adventure game Drains.

Protoform is expected to release on PC, Mac, Xbox One and potentially PlayStation 4. Interested players can try out a demo right here.