Street Fighter V is Getting a New DLC Character, Watch The Reveal Trailer Here

Street Fighter V will be getting a brand new character, Capcom announced in a reveal trailer today. The new character, Ed will be joining the game as part of the DLC characters included in Season 2 of content.

The trailer shows off an abundance of moves that Ed can perform in-game, which you can learn more about right here. Check out the reveal trailer down below.

Here’s an official description of Ed via an official Capcom blog post:

“At a young age, Ed was kidnapped and experimented on by S.I.N., a division of Shadaloo, in order to become a replacement body for M. Bison. Many of you might remember a young Ed appearing in Rose’s Street Fighter IVstory and Balrog’s story in Super Street Fighter IV. Due to the experiments, Ed’s body ages faster than normal humans until they are old enough to be suited for battle. Since Balrog raised Ed, his fighting is centered on boxing but since he carries M. Bison’s genes, his fighting style is enhanced by Psycho Power.”

You can try out the new character, Ed, f you are a part of the Capcom Fighters Network Beta. The next beta dates will begin as early May 11 and will run through May 14.

Street Fighter V is currently available to purchase on PS4 and PC.