Hideo Kojima Expresses Desire To Make A Movie Once Again

If you’re familiar with the beloved and famed developer, Hideo Kojima, then you know his works involve a deep narrative and lore. With a variety of characters and, at times, blockbuster moments, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the developer turn filmmaker at some point in his career.

Arguably known best for his creation of the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima has spoken of an interest in doing films before. In fact, after his leave from Konami, it was speculated that the developer would consider going into the movie business, though of course, that’s not the case as he is hard at work with his own game development studio, Kojima Productions.

Hideo Kojima was recently at Tribeca Games Festival where he brought up a number of different items such as his desire to work on a movie. According to a report made by GameSpot, Kojima stated that he loves films and that he would love to do one, but it’s impossible right now.

“I love movies, so definitely one day, I would love to. But right now, it’s impossible. At least until I finish Death Stranding, it’s impossible.”

The developer continued on by saying that the film would likely never finish either as he’s always particular about his work and constantly switches things up, which very much the case in Death Stranding’s development. We reported earlier about his comments regarding the video game’s current progress during the festival as well.

So far, we’re still very much in the dark as to what Death Stranding is all about and we’re likely going to be kept in the dark until hopefully during this year’s E3 expo.