Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC Detailed; PvP Feature Will Finally be Introduced

The PlayStation Blog has brought eager Nioh fans some good news today. The upcoming DLC for the Dark Souls-esque title, Dragon of the North, is set to release on PS4 next week.

The DLC will pick up right after William fulfills his major mission, which is restoring peace in Japan. Players will now be going head to head with Lord Masamune Date, the ruler of the Sendai feudal domain in the Keicho Era (about 400 years ago).

Creative Director Team Ninja had this to say about the upcoming DLC:


We’re excited to showcase our upcoming DLC for Nioh, Dragon of the North, coming to PlayStation 4 next week. I’m sure many of you samurai have been hungry for more adventures and challenges.

This new chapter picks up after William’s valiant victory in restoring peace to Japan. In keeping with the tradition of our inspiration through Japanese history and mythology, the central character for this new chapter is based on Lord Masamune Date, the ruler of the Sendai feudal domain in the Keicho Era (about 400 years ago). In our opinion, his personality and exploits in history lend himself to become a key player to contend with in the story.

Lee then follows up the post with informing the players about Masamune. Here’s what he had to say:

Masamune is a well-known historical figure who is both brilliant and ruthless. Although he was an exceptional leader; his ambition and lust for power blinded him to all else. He was known for being an impulsive leader who was wildly arrogant of his abilities — believing he was superior to most men, yet at the same time greatly devoted to the his land and subjects. We found this disparity in his personality to be something that we could utilize to create a memorable character and a formidable adversary for William.

Lastly, the post announces that the long awaited PVP feature is finally coming. Not giving much detail or an exact release date for the add-on feature, Lee did mention that it will be a very exhilarating experience.

Last but not least, we are proud to introduce the long awaited PvP feature (PS Plus subscription required), which will provide an exhilarating new element to the experience.

Are you ready to jump back into Nioh? The Dragon of the North DLC is set to release on Ps4 next week.