Buy Games From Twitch for Extra Rewards, Support Your Favourite Streamers

Twitch just announced that their digital distribution service has gone live, which means viewers of a stream will now be able to purchase the game they’re watching should they be so inclined. As mentioned in Gameranx’s original report, every single game that’s being livestreamed that is available for sale via Twitch will now include a button for purchasing the game below the stream. When you purchase a game through Twitch, 5% of the revenue will be distributed to the streamer, and 70% will go to the developer, leaving 25% for Twitch.

Twitch is kicking off the service with roughly 50 games, but promises to add more. Here’s the list as it stands:

Games requiring the Twitch Desktop App:

Games requiring Brawlhalla account:

Games requiring Glyph:

Games requiring Hi-Rez account:

Games requiring Uplay:

Games requiring Warframe account:

Also announced with the service are Twitch Crates, which can be earned when you spend $4.99 USD or more for a game or in-game item/s. They include randomly generated content, and in celebration of their launch, Twitch is holding a special giveaway until May 1 (US residents only) which has some nice tech prizes up for grabs.