Custom Nintendo Switch Dock Uses Nintendo 64

It never ceases to amaze me just what gamers are able to accomplish after the release of Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. Overall, the console has been well received by gamers as already retailers are finding a difficult time keeping units on store shelves.

Despite sales doing well with the console, there have been some issues with the console that gamers have been dealing with. One of the biggest issues that have popped up since the console release was the fact that Nintendo’s default included a dock that came with the Switch bundle has been causing scratches on the display.

Since this became a known issue, some gamers took the initiative to craft a new dock that would allow them to enjoy the game through their television set while also not destroying their Switch display. One user in particular that goes by the name tetzan777 on Reddit, showed off a Nintendo 64 console dock.

According to the Reddit user, the Nintendo 64 console was already a shell when he got the idea to craft it into a dock for the Nintendo Switch. Other craft users have designed a 3D printed dock while some have opted to purchase a custom protection cover for the dock to prevent scratching the display.

These dock creations will likely be present in shops online as the standard dock has been less than satisfactory for some gamers. What do you think of the Nintendo 64 dock? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.