Halo Wars 2: How to Get Free Blitz Packs (And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them)

Because it’s a modern multiplayer game, Halo Wars 2 comes included with microtransactions, this time centered on  unlockable Blitz Card Packs. Opening these packs earns you new cards to use in Blitz mode, and the packs are the primary method for getting new useful content. Packs are what you’ll want, and we’ve found a method (or three) to unlock them completely free-of-charge.

Like any F2P, these methods are more time-consuming than they are entertaining, so we’re just going to drop a disclaimer now — go ahead and buy packs if you’re a fan of Halo Wars 2. We won’t judge you.

For the rest of us, here are three totally free (but not effort free) methods to help you earn Blitz packs. Some are in-game, some require accounts for other services, and one follows the F2P model a little too closely for our liking. Either way, we’ll discuss these free strategies, and explain why it might be a better idea to save your cash.

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Get Free Blitz Packs With These Methods

Blitz Packs provide 5 “Blitz” cards, and can be earned through a variety of methods — both in-game or online. Here are a few ways to get free packs we’ve found so far, and we’re not counting any limited time giveaways or special events here.

#1: Get 24 Packs Per Week W/ Challenges

For completing Daily (x3 a day) and Weekly (x3 a week) challenges, you can earn a grand total of 24 free Blitz packs per week. There’s no long wait timers here — all it takes is dedication.

These challenges will reward you whether you finish them all or not, and they’re the most basic, elemental path to earn those free Blitz packs. Any normal player can earn these without going insane using online offers, like the next method…

#2: Earn & Spend Bing Reward Points 

Using Bing daily can actually earn you special reward points that can be redeemed on just about any Microsoft first-party game. Before earning, sign-in with your Microsoft Account (everyone with an Xbox does) and become a Bing Rewards Member.

  • Bing Reward points are earned for using Bing search, purchasing from the Windows Store / Microsoft Store, while actively browsing with Microsoft Edge.

You’ll earn 5 points per search using Bing. Yeah, not a whole lot, but if you’re hungry for free points to spend on Halo Wars 2 Blitz packs (or on Halo Wars 2, the game) then it might be the kind of choice you’re into. To earn a significant amount of points, you’ll need to basically use Bing / Edge exclusively, unless you’re an internet searching machine.

#3: Using eBonus.GG

This is your standard F2P garbage website where you can subscribe to newsletters, watch videos, accept offers, and basically do whatever money-making schemes these trashy sites use trick people into spending money. Just make sure the offers are FREE — some require spending money. Those are the offers you want to avoid.

Thankfully, you’ll never need to spend money here. Anyone familiar with mobile phone gaming should be well-aware of these types of offers, but this is (relatively new) to the big-publisher, PC/Console exclusive arena.

After signing-in, completing certain tasks will earn you points. Very similar to Bing Rewards.

Find it here.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Packs, Yet

According to some Youtube minds greater than ours , you’ll be able to completely max-out your card collection in only 10 weeks if you can earn a total of 30 cards per week. Let’s recalculate, and say that you’ll only earn 24 cards per week — that’s if you don’t bother completing every challenge, don’t waste time with giveaways or promotions, and never spend a single red cent on Blitz packs.

  • Even following an non-optimal method, you can get all the Blitz packs (for free!) in about 12 weeks of standard play at a rate of 24 packs a week.

That’s basically 3 months, right? But we’re not talking about playing for hours every single day. Using the free methods listed above, earning XP and completing (most) of the daily challenges will net you plenty of Blitz packs.

There are even more ways to get Blitz packs in Halo Wars 2 — playing the campaign, for starter’s, and login bonuses for special events down the line. So our 12 week estimate might be even shorter. There’s really no reason to buy Blitz packs right now, and until all the internet calculators learn the true value of these cards / packs, it isn’t an especially wise investment.

… but if you want those shiny Blitz cards right now, it’s your money! Some of these methods aren’t just a pain-in-the-ass, they’re actively annoying. If your time is more valuable than cash, then we’re going to go ahead and say; yeah, go ahead and buy a few packs.