Halo Wars 2: All Phoenix Logs Locations | Complete Collectibles Guide

You’ll find more than just skulls in Halo Wars 2 thanks to the inclusion of “Phoenix Logs”, a different sort of collectible that’s scattered all across the campaign. Instead of mutators that change the game, these simpler unlocks provide some backstory to the proceeding. There are 24 in total, and we’ve got all the places you’ll need to look below.

Most Phoenix Logs are a pick-up, available as you lead your armies to victory, but a select few require completing in-game challenges to unlock. Many of these collectibles are practically unmissable, but as you progress, more logs will be hidden off the beaten path.

You’ll need to search every nook-and-cranny of the map to unlock these bad boys, and for once there isn’t really an achievement connected to collection. You will need to find all the logs if you want to complete every campaign challenge, though.

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All Phoenix Logs Locations | Complete Collectibles Guide

Phoenix Logs are special audio you can unlock by finding collectibles on the map, or by completing objectives.

Mission #1: The Signal

  • Log #1: Found on the ground, right before destroying the makeshift defensive wall. You can’t miss it.
  • Log #2: After driving through the wall of cars, continue up the road. As you reach the research buildings, you’ll find the log on the road, right in your path.
  • Log #3: Next to the research building in the center of the area.
  • Log #4: Right before the light bridge.
  • Log #5: Cross the bridge, and you’ll find this log next to crash site where you’ll find the recon team.
  • Log #6: Use the portal, and you’ll find┬áthis log at the fence.

Mission #2: A New Enemy

  • Log #7: At the start of the mission, wipe out the first group of enemies, then look near the waterfall in the area.
  • Log #8: Once you destroy the enemy base, you’ll be able to call in a base of your own. Right behind the enemy base, collect the glowing log.

Mission #3: Ascension

  • Log #9: Up the hill from the light bridge, there’s an area with a log and some resource piles.
  • Log #10: Fight up to the Objective C marker and explore up the forerunner structure.

Mission #4: One Three Zero

  • Log #11: North of the group of soldiers you rescue early in the mission.

Mission #5: The Cartographer

  • Log #12: Located behind the first forerunner conduit you’re ordered to destroy.
  • Log #13: Destroy the east and west base before going for the northern (and final) conduit. This optional challenge unlocks the log and the skull.

Mission #6: Lights Out

  • Log #14: Destroy the enemy base by the final portal. After the base is destroyed, the collectible is floating over the ruins.
  • Log #15: Move south from that enemy base to the middle of the map. There’s a hill with prisoners to free and resource pick-ups.

Mission #7: From the Deep

  • Log #16: Explore the eastern side of the map. The log is near the unit of marines.

Mission #8: Hold the Line

  • Log #17: Go to the enemy spawn area in the northeastern edge of the map. You’ll find the log there.
  • Log #18: Find the smaller base location in the southwestern corner of the map. The log is to the left.

Mission #9: Under the Dark

  • Log #19: Move to the far northeastern corner and past the Kodiaks to find an alcove on the right. Between the two blast walls, there’s a log to pick up.
  • Log #20: Kill all three Brute Warlords to complete an optional challenge. This will unlock a log and a skull.

Mission #10: The Foundry

  • Log #21: Search the area to the left of the Scarab wreck.
  • Log #22: Find the small enemy base south of your HQ and destroy it to uncover a log.

Mission #11: The Halo

  • Log #23: Right next to your starting base.

Mission #12: Last Stand

  • Log #24: After gaining the objective to kill the warlords, check the right side of the area.