Immersive Sci-Fi Simulation Game ‘HEVN’ Unveils New Trailer

If there’s one way for a game to grab people’s attention, it’s when its description says inspired by Deus Ex and System Shock. Developer Miga has harnessed the classic immersion of both titles in the form of HEVNan upcoming sci-fi adventure that takes place in an overcrowded future that’s been marred by technology.  

The latest trailer for HEVN gives us a glimpse of protagonist Sebastian Mar’s desperate search for the truth as he navigates his way through an isolated planetoid, conversing with robots, analysing cryptic messages and trying to manage his own mental well-being in the process. Co-creator of the game Mat Matthews says that even though HEVN incorporates combat into its gameplay, it is ultimately the narrative which is intended to stand out:

“We wanted to make a unique first-person game that throws the player into a dangerous, story-rich experience with only a few ways out. Although at times the player may be faced with combat situations, we’re weaving in a deep story, rich with conflict, mystery and adventure.

HEVN is scheduled for release in 2017 for PC and Mac.