Modern Warfare Remastered: All Intel Locations | Full Collectibles Guide


Modern Warfare Remastered is here to bring the joy of Call of Duty 4 back for modern fans to enjoy. Everything has been reproduced, including an awesome selection of cheat codes that can be unlocked after tracking down all 30 intel collectibles. We’ve got all the locations below.

Like all the other games in the Call of Duty series, individual intel doesn’t do much for you. What makes Modern Warfare unique are the cool cheats — just remember, activating cheats deactivates trophies / achievements. You can’t complete trophies / achievements with cheats toggled on. With that warning out of the way, continue scrolling down to find our complete list of collectibles for Modern Warfare Remastered.

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All Intel Locations

There are a total of 30 Intel collectibles in Modern Warfare Remastered. Finding all 30 unlocks cheats you can toggle in the pause menu.

Crew Expendable 

  • Intel #1: Follow your team downstairs to a deck where you’ll confront a drunken soldier. Shoot him and enter the room directly to the right of him where there are more soldiers sleeping in bunk beds. The intel is on the desk directly left of the doorway.
  • Intel #2: Going down, your team stops at the entrance to the cargo bay. Avoiding incoming fire, they toss a flashbang inside. Raiding the first cargo room, take the stairs directly right of the doorway down to a panel where maintenance is being done. There is a removed metal cover with the intel on top.

Black Out

  • Intel #3: Moving down the creak, you’ll encounter a soldier standing on a dock. There are more soldiers in the cabin nearby. Clear the building and grab the intel from the wooden crate inside.
  • Intel #4: Later in the stage, you’ll enter a building with the power out. Using night-vision goggles, you’ll clear the area of enemies. Upstairs, you’ll run into a soldier shooting randomly while hiding behind a mostly-closed door. Check the empty room to the left of this encounter to find the intel on a crate next to a toilet.

Charlie Don’t Surf

  • Intel #5: Raiding the safehouse basement with the rows of bench seating, enter the room on the left. The intel is on a desk.
  • Intel #6: After leaving the safehouse, you’ll move out onto the streets. Stick to the right-most path — before reaching the road with the machine gunning technical truck, look for a two story building. This optional house has an RPG-7 and an intel collectible in the second floor corner.
  • Intel #7: In the same area, continue across the street — moving down the central boulevard, you’ll pass stairs on the right. Go upstairs and look left to find a desk with the next piece of intel.

The Bog

  • Intel #8: Getting off the main street, you’ll rush down into a building before climbing some stairs. If you’re fast, kill the soldier on the steps to save your trooper ally. Your team will shotgun the locked door ahead — just as you enter, look left to find the intel.
  • Intel #9: Leaving the large building, you’ll crawl under a hole in a wire fence. Move through the alley — take a left, then another left at the grey building. Sticking to the left edge of the map, you’ll find a stack of boxes with intel on the ground behind.

The Hunted

  • Intel #10: During the helicopter escape, your team will duck into a farmhouse. Leaving the building, you’ll reach a farm grounds exterior with two silos on the left and a one-story blue building in the center. The intel is on a small table inside that building. This is before you step into the enemy ambush.
  • Intel #11: Pass through the greenhouses and jump through the ruined building’s windows to reach an outpost with stacked sandbags. This is just before you reach a building with the Stinger missile launchers. The intel is in the camouflage-covered outpost area.

War Pig

  • Intel #12: Down the road that’s swarming with soldiers and RPGs right at the start of the mission, enter the two-story building on the right with the ruined corner facing the street. The hole in the wall opens straight to stairs. Upstairs, enter the first door on the left. Kill the soldiers inside and find the intel on the cabinet to the left of the hole in the wall.
  • Intel #13: Down the street, opposite intel #12, there’s a ruined clothing store on the left side of the street. Go inside and enter the door on the left to reach the upper level. Enter the hallway with multiple doors and enter the first one on your right. The intel is on the bed.
  • Intel #14: Further into the mission, your friends will push a garbage bin down the street. You’ll enter the machine gun nest through the first floor door. Find the intel in the room with the two mounted machine guns.

Shock and Awe

  • Intel #15: Fight to the second floor of the under-construction building after landing. Your soldiers will be shooting at enemies on the left after you reach the second floor. Instead of dropping down, check the back-left corner to find this intel. This is the building marked with green smoke.
  • Intel #16: From the previous intel, drop into the combat zone and enter the two-story building ahead and to the right. The intel is in the closet of the second-story room.


  • Intel #17: Up the hill, enter the building with the satellite dish. It’s one of the first buildings you encounter in the mission. The intel is on a dresser in one of the second floor bedrooms.
  • Intel #18: Fight up the hill until you reach the paved road. There’s a water tower ahead — enter the building to the right of that tower. On the first floor, there’s a restaurant-style booth seating area that contains this mission’s second piece of intel.

All Gillied Up

  • Intel #19: Once you reach the abandoned church early in the level, climb the ladder up into the bell tower to find this intel.
  • Intel #20: Moving through the junkyard filled with abandoned cargo containers, you’ll take out guards — stop before leaving and look for an optional path to the right. There are more guards in an alcove, protecting an intel computer.
  • Intel #21: In the city, you’ll shoot a guard standing on the fourth floor of a fire escape. The intel is located up on the fire escape, right next to the guard’s position.

One Shot, One Kill

  • Intel #22: Escaping through the first building through the ground floor exit, there’s a ladder directly to your right. Drop the Captain and climb up the ladder, then the stairs — the intel is at the top of the fire escape.
  • Intel #23: At the Ferris Wheel arena at the end of the mission, you’ll have to defend the area while reinforcements pour into the area. Wait until a group of soldiers open the double-doors of the apartment building on the right when facing the waves of attackers. When the front doors of the apartment are open, you can enter and grab this tricky intel.

Sins of the Father

  • Intel #24: During the night raid, enter the diner — the intel is on a booth to the left as you enter.
  • Intel #25: When chasing your target, you’ll enter an alley and come out in an area with a two-story building on your left with red text. Go to the building opposite that red sign and take the exterior stairs up. There’s a room where soldiers are shooting — the intel is in the back.


  • Intel #26: After bombing the electricity tower, you’ll move into an area with a large garage. Enter the garage and move into the office in the right corner to find a desk with the intel.

All In

  • Intel #27: Inside the military base, you’ll encounter a BMP armored vehicle on the right side. Stay on the right side and look for an alley behind the two-story building. The intel is down this optional, dead-end alley.
  • Intel #28: Once you’ve reached the open missile silos on the surface, go to the open hangar in the far-back of the area, on the right side. The intel is on the ground inside the hangar.

No Fighting in the War Room

  • Intel #29: After leaving the locker room and showers, follow the hallways to your left. Continue on and look left until you spot a meeting room with a projector. The intel is on the meeting table here.
  • Intel #30: Before the end of the mission, you’ll breach into the control room through the wall with an explosive charge. Go to the upper-floor meeting room with the long table here. That’s where you’ll find the last piece of intel.

That’s all 30 intel! Now you can access cheat codes and fun special effects in the pause menu while in-game.

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