Modern Warfare Remastered: How to Kill Makarov | Time Paradox Easter Egg


Modern Warfare Remastered is a complete remake of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, letting new players experience the classic shooter on updated hardware. Usually these remakes stick to the basics — turning a standard-definition standard-bearer HD — but the developers of Modern Warfare Remastered went one step further.

Thanks to the screwy history and updated backstory featured in later games, the villain of Modern Warfare 2 & 3 gets a hidden inclusion. Not only does he appear, but you can kill him and earn a very special achievement / trophy for your trouble.

The ‘Time Paradox’ Easter egg is especially famous in the Metal Gear series, where retcons are the norm, and now Modern Warfare Remastered fans can enjoy some of that series’ meta-humor and time travel antics. Learn how to kill Makarov before the “No Russian” controversy with the guide below.

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Time Paradox – Easter Egg Trophy & Achievement

At the start of the “One Shot, One Kill” mission, your mission is to kill Zakhaev. That doesn’t go as planned — according to the story, Zakhaev lives, escapes, and successfully nukes a fictional middle-eastern nation. That’s all part of the story of MW1.

But that isn’t where the story ends. The infamous “No Russian” airport scene of MW2 introduces Zakhaev’s second-in-command, Makarov. In MW3, you partially take the role of Yuri, a Russian embedded with Zakhaev (and Makarov, in a bit of a retcon) — and all three can be seen at the start of the “One Shot, One Kill” mission in Modern Warfare Remastered.

Just check out the video [Created by Youtuber PS4Trophies] to see Makarov and Yuri in action.

To unlock the “Time Paradox” trophy / achievement, you’ll need to shoot both Makarov and Zakhaev before either can escape.

  • Where is Makarov located? Makarov can be spotted in the back-row jeep on the left. You can see him in the driver’s seat, turning to talk to a passenger in the back (Yuri) — you’ll have a clear view of his face through the window.

Obviously, these characters didn’t exist in the original Modern Warfare — Makarov didn’t appear until MW2, and Yuri wasn’t created until MW3. This is just a really cool little touch for anyone that obsessively follows continuity in these Call of Duty adventures… people like us.

Here’s the easiest way to unlock the trophy, as prescribed in the video above:

  • Wait until you’re told that this is the last chance you’ll have to shoot Zakhaev. This is when the wind has died down the most.
    • When your spotter says “Now or never” — that’s your cue.
  • Shoot Zakhaev, then quickly shoot Makarov before he escapes.

And that’s it! With Makarov dead, you’ll stop ‘No Russian’, WW3, and basically save the world. Too bad that isn’t how things worked out in the actual story, huh?

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