Top 5 Diablo 3 Glitches

Top 5 Diablo III Glitches

Diablo III may have been in development for several years, and Blizzard may have one of the best QA teams in the world, but a game as big as Diablo III can't be free of bugs no matter how much we wish it.

Thanks to the millions of players who picked it up, word is abound of a few glitches that managed to slip out from under the eyes of Blizzard's quality assurance department.

Most of these glitches are more comical than anything else. We haven't heard of any particularly game-breaking ones, aside from one that's to do with a chest in Act 2. The less we say about that, the better—as Blizzard's well aware of it and will be patching it up before too long.

Without further ado, click on the next page for five of the biggest glitches we've run into.