Rodeo Stampede: How To Get Fast Coins | Easy iOS Trick


Coins are the currency of the freemium generation, and they’re just as valuable in Rodeo Stampede for iOS. Here we’ll explain how to get coins quick using a familiar lifehack solution to free-to-play’s biggest problem — time. If you’re tired of waiting around and want those coins now, learn how to trick Rodeo Stampede into giving you more with this simple tip.

Don’t worry, this trick won’t require hacking, jail-breaking, or any other warranty-voiding practices. Everything you need is right there in your iOS settings.

So, what’s the deal with Rodeo Stampede? From the producers of iOS hit Crossy Road, the latest endless runner mixes park management into the formula, giving you more animals to ride, and more tasks to take care of between sessions. That also means you’ll be waiting to earn coins. Speed those timers up with the step-by-step instructions below.

How To Get Unlimited Coins | Easy iOS Trick

Like other iOS apps, Rodeo Stampede features a daily coin reward just for opening the app for the day. Not all of us are that patient, and if you want those coin drops right now, follow these steps:

  1. Open Rodeo Stampede and earn your coins.
  2. Go to the Home Screen -> Settings
  3. In Settings, go to General -> Date & Time
  4. Scroll down to the next day. Ex. Fri Jun 24 -> Sat Jun 25
  5. Return to the Rodeo Stampede app and enjoy your coins.
  6. Rinse and repeat to earn plenty more.

Simple, right? This trick is pretty common, and should work on plenty of other applications — if you don’t already know it. There’s another wrinkle to the method if you want to make sure your phone isn’t out-of-sync with the rest of the planet.

  • After Step #5, return to Settings -> General -> Date & Time
  • Tap the ‘Set Automatically’ key to reset the date to the proper time.
  • Return to your app to recollect any timed rewards.
  • Rinse and repeat from Step #1.

This works for all sorts of apps, and is one way to earn plenty of coins in Rodeo Stampede if you’re feeling impatient.

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