Vita Goes Freemium with Treasures of Montezuma

The Vita has finally received it’s first “freemium” game today. PS Vita Users can download Alawar Entertainment’s “Treasures of Montezuma “ via the PSN starting today. The title is free yet if you want to buy power ups and stuff like that you’ll have to pay the piper. (just in case you didn’t know what freemium meant dear readers) If you don’t have the money to buy the power ups you can get them in game though so don’t worry. Treasures of Montezume is set back in, you guessed it, Ancient Aztec time in, and I quote, the “universe of Montezuma”. Oh boy! Hear what VP of Alawar Entertainment, Dmitri Bourkovski has to say abou the game:

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is the one game that every Vita owner should own, not just because it’s completely free, but because it’s really fun. The Power-ups are totally optional, but a very fun way to be competitive with your friends if you don’t have as much time to earn them in game.

Get this game FREE now for the PS Vita via the PSN.