Terraria: 1.3.1 – Companion Cube & More Portal Easter Eggs


Everyone’s favorite inanimate object is now a loyal pet in Terraria, added in the 1.3 update along with an endless stream of improvements to wiring, logic gates, and other complex mechanisms we won’t delve into here. All that matters is that the Companion Cube, the heart-festooned pal from the Portal series of games, can now be purchased — for an extremely high price.

This isn’t the only Portal Easter egg in Terraria either. The all powerful puzzle-solving Portal Gun can be acquired and equipped for completing the single toughest challenge in the game. Then there’s the Portal Gun Station, a 1.3 exclusive piece of furniture capable of shooting orange / blue portals all over your 2D home.

Learn all about the Companion Cube and the rest of the Portal Easter eggs in Terraria below. For even more friends, check out our Terraria NPCs Guide and fill your base with all 22 villagers.

Portal Items & Easter Eggs

The Portal secrets of Terraria run deep. Want to get started going after Easter egg items? Prepare for a long slog through the randomized world to get your pixel paws on these fancy referential items.

The Companion Cube Pet

  • “Susceptible to lava!” -Tooltip
  • “Will never threaten to stab you, and, in fact, cannot speak.” -Tooltip

The Companion Cube is a pet added into the 1.3 Update. It will follow your character around and… not do much else. The only (known) use for the Companion Cube is that it can activate Teal Pressure Pads — just like the real Companion Cube from Portal.

The Companion Cube comes with a number of strange features, seemingly designed just to amuse your multiplayer friends.

  • Although is says the Companion Cube will NOT stab you, in multiplayer, the Companion Cube will appear to attack the player and harm them. It won’t actually attack or appear to attack you client-side.
  • The Companion Cube is actually susceptible to lava, and screams when thrown into the lava. Gruesome!
  • When the Companion Cube’s owner scrolls out of view, leaving non-owners on-screen with the Cube alone, the Companion Cube has a bad habit of… expelling gas? Technically, the sounds originate from the Whoopee Cushion item.

How to Get the Companion Cube

The only way to get a Companion Cube in Terraria is as follows:

  • Purchase from the Travelling Merchant NPC for 5 Platinum Coins

The Travelling Merchant NPC will spawn under the following conditions:

  • At least 2 NPCs have moved into your village.
  • No events are currently going on.
  • He has a 25% chance of spawning once per day, between 4:30 AM-12PM.
  • His random inventory changes daily.

Not only is the Companion Cube excessively expensive, it’s also random. Keep checking back at your town daily if you’re eager to make this unfeeling prop into your pet.

Don’t have a Platinum Coin? They’re worth a lot:

  • 1 Platinum Coin = 100 Gold Coins, 10,000 Silver Coins, and 1,000,000 Gold Coins.

The Companion Cube is a beloved icon of the humorous puzzle-FPS Portal. The square block with hearts on it doesn’t do anything in the series, it’s just a crate for solving pressure pad challenges — but given a tiny bit of personality so our hero Chell can feel bad when antagonist GLaDOS forces us to execute the poor cube by tossing the personified box into lava.

The Portal Gun

The Portal Gun actually isn’t a new inclusion to Terraria. If you know Portal, you already know what the Portal Gun can do. Instead of shooting deadly blasts of energy, the Portal Gun creates portals — one blue, and one orange. Entering one portal sends you through the adjoining portal.

Unfortunately, the Portal Gun isn’t all powerful. It won’t work with enemies or items — it only teleports NPCs and the player. Everything else just ignores those colorful portals.

Still, the Portal Gun is a premier travel-item and it shows you’ve completed one of the toughest challenges in all of Terraria — defeated the Moon Lord. Pull up a chair, because we’re going to go over the steps to summon the Moon Lord.

  • To summon (and kill) the Moon Lord to get a Portal Gun, you’ll need to unlock Hardmode.
    • To unlock Hardmode, you must summon and kill the Wall of Flesh.
      • To summon the Wall of Flesh, dig down to the underworld and kill a flying demon carrying a Guide Voodoo Doll. Tossing the doll into the lava summons the horrific Wall of Flesh.
    • Killing the Wall of Flesh releases more bosses into the randomized world and summons new corruption biomes that horizontally cut through the mid-section of the world.
  • The next step is to summon the Moon Lord itself. This requires activating the Lunar Events and destroying four Celestial Towers.
    • The first step is defeating the three Mechanical Bosses in Hardmode; The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and The Twins.
      • The Mechanical Worm can appear any night after the beginning of Hardmode, or can be spawned with the Mechanical Worm. The Mechanical Worm can be crafted with:
        • Orichalcum Anvil Station: (6) Rotten Chunk, (6) Soul of Night, (5) Lead or Iron Bar
        • Mythril Anvil Station: (6) Vertebrae, (6) Soul of Night, (5) Lead of Iron Bar
      • Skeletron Prime will randomly appear at dusk or when summoned with a Mechanical Skull at night. The Mechanical Skull can be crafted with:
        • Orichalcum Anvil Station: (30) Bone, (3) Soul of Light, (3) Soul of Night, (5) Lead or Iron Bar
        • Mythril Anvil Station: (30) Bone, (3) Soul of Light, (3) Soul of Night, (5) Lead of Iron Bar
      • The Twins, two conjoined mechanical eyes, also spawn randomly at night (if a Corruption or Crimson altar has been destroyed) or can be summoned with the Mechanical Eye at night. Build the Mechanical Eye with these materials:
        • Orichalcum Anvil Station: (3) Lens, (6) Soul of Light, (5) Lead or Iron Bar
        • Mythril Anvil Station: (3) Lens, (6) Soul of Light, (5) Lead of Iron Bar
    • Now that the Mechanical Bosses are dead, travel to the Underground Jungle biome and defeat Plantera.
      • To summon Plantera, destroy any of the Plantera Bulbs in the Underground Jungle biome that appear when all three mechanical bosses are defeated.
        • Plantera Bulbs can be destroyed with the pick-axe or explosives.
    • Next up is the Golem boss. He is summoned by entering the Jungle Temple biome and right-clicking the altar in the final chamber. Use the Temple Key dropped by Plantera in the Underground Jungle to gain access to the Underground Temple.
      • The alter can only be activated with a Lihzahrd Power Cell found in any of the special chests in the Jungle Temple.
    • When the Golem is dead, travel to the Dungeon biome entrance and kill the Cultists that spawn there. Killing the cultists spawns the Lunatic Cultist. Defeat this boss and you’re almost there.
      • The entrance is located at the top of the dungeon biome, on the surface.
    • Crushing the Lunatic Cultist initiates the Lunar Events —  a special event that summons four Celestial pillars to four biomes (two west, two east) — each Celestial Pillar is a boss all it’s own.
      • Kill the four Celestial Pillars to finally summon the Moon Lord.
  • Killing the Moon Lord grants you a 100% guaranteed Portal Gun drop.

Got all that? That’s a lot of steps to take to earn the Portal Gun, but if you want the final piece of Portal added to Terraria 1.3.1, you’ll need that item.

Portal Gun Station

Instead of using a portable Portal Gun, now you can buy a piece of furniture that offers the same effect. The Portal Gun Station can be hooked up to logic gates and wires to create puzzles. It shoots in three directions, and can be activated manually by right-clicking the different buttons on each side.

The item is most useful for building adventure maps — it can be automated to launch portals for players. It’s a neat little item, and if you want to get it for your in-game Terraria town, you’ll need the following:

  • The Portal Gun Station is sold by the Cyborg vendor for 10 Gold Coins, but only if you have the Portal Gun in your inventory already.
    • Cyborg is a Hardmode-only NPC that only appears after Plantera has been defeated in the Underground Jungle biome.
    • He will only appear if a vacant house is available.

Details on Plantera and Hard Mode are available above, if you aren’t already in-the-know. That’s all the Portal references we know (so far!) hidden away in Terraria 1.3.1, but let us know if there’s something we missed in the comments.

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