Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All 5 DiMA Memory Puzzle Solutions

Table of Contents

Puzzle #3: Memory 0H-3X0P


  1. Remove all the Code Blocks across the gap to clear the green laser to remove the Firewall.
  2. Cross the gap and turn left. Climb the steps and build a Code Block bridge to the room above the Firewall. Collect all the Code Blocks and the Relay.
  3. Redirect the green laser to clear the Firewall on the left (mentioned above) — build a Code Block tower and use the Relay to hit the Firewall weak point.
  4. Collect the Code Blocks and Relay from behind the Firewall.
  5. Move the Code Block / Relay tower to hit the light-blue cube interceptor.
  6. Jump to the top of the “tunnel” and build another two-block Code Block tower with a Relay on top to target the Firewall weak spot with the green laser.
  7. Place Code Blocks in the gaps in the green sprites’ path and build turrets to protect them.