Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All 5 DiMA Memory Puzzle Solutions

Table of Contents

Puzzle #5: Memory 0Y-8K7D


  1. Collect the Code Blocks around the starting platform. Build a bridge to the center pyramid and redirect the green laser to the Firewall on the left.
  2. Cross to the Firewall location and turn left. Build a bridge and collect the Code Blocks in the optional room, then re-collect your bridge on the way back.
  3. Raise the second Relay and redirect to clear the next Firewall in your path. Build a bridge to the third Relay. Build a Code Block tower to redirect toward the orb in the back.
  4. Build a bridge to the orb and clear the three Code Blocks stopping the green laser from reaching the input cube.
  5. Return to the starting position, re-collecting the Code Block bridges and leave the Relays behind. Build a bridge to the last remaining Firewall (not covering the yellow column) — enter the “orb” where the green laser is located and place a relay over the hole to clear the Firewall.
  6. Take the last two Relay cubes, then build a bridge beneath the “orb” from the previous step, redirecting the green laser toward the final Firewall. Set the Relays as shown in the image above.
  7. Build one final Relay tower to redirect to the last Firewall.
  8. Place all your turrets on the tiny path and complete a bridge to the yellow column to finally complete this grueling puzzle.

What’s your reward for doing all this? The Marine Armor — the apparel with the highest defense available in Fallout 4. Just track down all the locations marked on your map to collect a full set.