The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 10

bgpe 10

Matt blathers on about the on-going trade mark suit between Zenimax Media and Mojang AB. Shortly after asking why everyone just can't get along, he breaks into a cold sweat and starts to bawl on air, lessening his chances of ever winning the coveted international “Internet Tough Guy” award for toughest guy on a fuckin' podcast.

Last week's super-smooth, totally hitch-free release of Rage on the PC leaves Ian silent, as the game's intrinsic beauty moves him to a vow of silence. The PC release of Rage was so perfect, it was a religious experience for Ian, who shed a single tear, at the soul-crushing realization that he could never find anything more magnificent in his life. Oh wait, no. Sorry, the PC release of Rage was a fucking mess, and makes the crew question how anyone can believe in the ideal of justice in a fundamentally unjust world.

Heroically fighting through a pretty killer toothache, Annie stays on the Best Gaming Podcast Ever to serve as a reminder to our wonderful, super-handsome audience that we are literally sacrificing ourselves for your amusement. We hope you jerks are happy.

Finally, the crew yammers on about what they've been playing this week. Matt and Dennis both enjoy causing major traffic accidents together, and they also play Burnout: Crash, because life imitates art. Matt also give a full 10 seconds of his more-valuable-than-spun-gold time to deliver three sentences on The Binding of Isaac, each sentence more riveting than the last.

Paradox Interactive, which is, paradoxically, something you probably can't interact with, is offering up their whole collection of King Arthurs, except for Lancelot (because you never risk Lancelot) in their King Arthur Collection on Steam. OK. They're offering up Lancelot too, but that's clearly something they'll regret.

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This week's song is Bad Dude by 8-bit Bandit.

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