Fallout 4: 10 Pro-Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

There’s a ton of features in Fallout 4 that aren’t readily apparent. We’ve decided to compile this list to offer you some quick PSAs and pro-tips you need to know.

Disclosure: We pulled some of these ideas from the comments in reddit’s r/fallout subreddit.

10. Remove the Fusion Core from your Power Armor before it completely loses its charge to sell it for full value.

Fusion Cores cost the same regardless of how much charge they have left in them, be it 1/100 or 100/100. You can, and should, remove them from your Power Armor right before they drain so you’ll be able to sell them at full price.

9. Build an Industrial Water Purifier to Make Lots of Caps

Bottlecaps are hard to come by in the wasteland, especially when most materials are hard to find and the ones that you can find in abundance cost very little.

To that end, we recommend constructing an Industrial Water Purifier in your base. Having one operating will provide you with dozens of bottles of Purified Water for you to sell on the regular. It’s a constant source of revenue for your settlements and works almost as well as a Stimpak for healing.

8. Quick save in the middle of speech conversations.

You can quick-save in the middle of a conversation and even back out of some of them (just move backwards) so you can equip Charisma gear and pass the speech checks.

7. You can enlarge the Pip-Boy display on your monitor

Having trouble reading the text on your Pip-Boy? You can zoom right in for a better view of the text. To do so, simply hit the button you use to switch between first and third person modes (“Option” on PS4) and everything will be infinitely easier to read.

6. Starlight Drive-In can be cleared of radioactivity. Here’s how.

Starlight Drive-In is prime real estate for building a settlement, but there’s one problem: it’s highly irradiated. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix that. Simply pop a Rad-X pill, enter into Workshop mode and clear the toxic waste barrels in the water pool by scrapping them. Get rid of the car, too. Doing so should clear the place up from radiation.

5. You can survive a fall from any height in Power Armor

As stated, wearing a suit of Power Armor will protect you from dying or breaking your legs. You’ll survive a fall at any distance.

4. When naming weapons, place a hyphen at the beginning of the name. You can also use HTML.

Having trouble looking for the weapons you want in your inventory? Simply rename them to have a hyphen in front of the name (e.g. -Baseball Club) and they’ll show up at the top of your weapons selection list.

For further customization, you can use basic html with and tags to bold and italicize item names.

3. Need Cryolator Ammo? Change a Protectron’s personality to Firefighter

Cryolator ammo is really, really hard to come by in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth. Aside from buying it from traders, it’s fairly difficult to acquire and makes using the Cryolator difficult. If you ever run into a Protectron unit that you can program, simply change their personality to a Firefighter and they’ll drop the ammo when killed.

Construction Protectrons will drop Railway Spikes, another rare ammo.

2. Dogmeat can wear armor

Most people already know this one, but for those of you who don’t–Dogmeat can be made to equip armor. To do so, simply trade with him and select certain types of armor, such as muzzles, dog chains, bandanas, and dog armor and have him equip it.

1. The Lone Wanderer perk works with Dogmeat

You know that Lone Wanderer perk under the Charisma stat that gives you massive bonuses to your carry weight and damage? Well, it works even when you have Dogmeat around with you. The perk only shuts off when you’re with human (or humanoid) companions. The perk can be used in conjunction with the Attack Dog perk, which makes Dogmeat a much more formidable opponent in battle.

With all of that information, you should be well on your way to becoming a Fallout 4 expert. If you want even more help, you should check out our other guides, like getting the best of the combat system, creating your character, cooking and chemistry, Easter eggs in the wasteland, and unlocking Holiday decorations.