Fallout 4 Guide: How to Power Your Settlement

So you’ve become a pro at scrapping and building settlements, and now you need to figure out how to provide power to your new settlement.

First, check what kind of connections you need – if something needs Power but there’s no number listed, then it needs to be near a Pylon or Conduit (they provide energy by creating a sphere of power that envelops everything close by). However, if something says it requires Power and there is a number besides it, there’s a little bit of a process to connect it to a power source.

In order to connect something to a power source, you need to place a Generator. After that, you just need to connect a wire from the Generator to the Pylon or Conduit (on a PC, you can do this by pressing the space bar in the workshop’s menu).

If you get a Switch, you can add a sphere of power in addition to the one created by the Pylon or Conduit. It’s a lot like routing wireless internet signals throughout a house; you don’t want to leave too much space between the power sources in order to get full coverage.

However, note that a Conduit can only power another Conduit if that Conduit is wired.

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