10 Crazy Deus Ex: Human Revolution Glitches

deus ex human revolution meme

*Image credit thestraylightpun

The first Deus Ex was a pretty buggy game when it was first released. It was possible to clip the map, fool the AI in ways the developers never anticipated, and scale walls with LAMs. Some of those glitches were fixed, while other remained—as charming examples of emergent gameplay.

The latest game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is home to about just as many glitches, and like any curious gamer, we thought it'd be interesting to take the game apart by showing you some of the glitches we've discovered thus far, as replicated by these videos on YouTube.

First up is a video of a reproducible glitch that allows you infinite experience and Praxis points. We don't recommend it for your first playthrough, because it'll make the game more than a little easy. But if you've already finished the game and intend to mess around, you might want to have all your augmentations around from the get-go.

The Infinite Exp, Praxis Glitch

Next up are a few glitches that allow you to walk out-of-bounds on the game's various maps. You can get to these locations by stacking crates and climbing surfaces the developers never intended for you to scale.


On Top of Omega Ranch Singapore Facility Glitch


Augmented Bum Glitch


Deformed Hooker Glitch


On-Top of Map on Sarif Plant Glitch


Out of Map on Jensen's Apartment Glitch


Glitch in Cloak and Daggers, Can Prevent Completion


First Boss Fight: Barrett EMP Glitch


The Ghost Glitch


Out of Map on Hengsha Belltower Dock Glitch