10 Things We Know About Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I reached an epiphany after playing Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at New York Comic Con: this might be the one.

See, I always appreciated Monster Hunter for its deep mechanics, even if the learning curve was a little steep. My lingering issue was that I had no nearby friends interested in joining me. Sure, Monster Hunter Tri and its Wii U upgrade had an online mode, but the Wii U's limited appeal in early 2013 served as a major roadblock in terms of finding people that actually played it. Thankfully, the newest 3DS iteration will boast a full online multiplayer mode, so all of those cold, lonely nights spent playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate alone will become a thing of the past.

But that’s enough about me. Here are ten things you should know about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate before it charges into North American retailers in early 2015.