Death’s Door: How To Beat Frog King | Flooded Fortress Dungeon Guide

Past the Mushroom Dungeon, you’ll have to brave the dangers of the Flooded Fortress. This area is like a mini-dungeon to prepare you for the big boss fight ahead — there are tons of enemies and tough combat encounters, but nothing in turns of puzzles. It’s a straightforward path, and if you can survive, you’ll encounter the deadly Frog King. And this guy is tough.

The Frog King is different than other bosses we’ve faced — fighting him is actually pretty simple. The hard part is figuring out how to survive. As the fight goes on, more of the floor tiles will get destroyed by the Frog King’s attacks. If you use the wrong spells, there’s no way to recover the tiles and you’ll just endlessly fall to your demise. We’ll explain everything you need to know to beat the Frog King in the full boss guide below.

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Flooded Fortress | Dungeon Guide

To access the Flooded Fortress, you need to earn the Bomb Spell from the Ancient Portal. Once you do, return to the large Mushroom Dungeon room with the two locked doors — on the far right, there’s a sign pointing toward the Frog King’s Domain. Down this path, there’s a cracked barrier you can break.

There’s a [Life Seed] hidden under a large crate on the first pathway of the Flooded Fortress. The gimmick of this area is there are pink devices you need to hit — with melee attacks or arrows — to reveal hidden bridges. Flip switches and hit the devices until you reach the Flooded Fortress gates.

At the gates, you’ll find a Reaper HQ Portal and encounter the Frog King in full armor. Blast through the barrier, and you’ll enter the fortress by using the switch up the left ladder. The fortress is a series of increasingly difficult fights, ending with your Reaper Crow circling back to the main path and unlocking a shortcut.

You’ll encounter a new Boomerang Chief enemy here. Avoid his boomerang mask and wait for him to stomp on the ground. After he stomps, he’s totally vulnerable to attack. When you encounter fire plants, don’t forget that you can launch their fireballs back at them!

Stone Walkways Over Water: In this area, you’ll have to fight enemies over stone platforms that spawn after hitting the pink devices. To make this easier, use the Bomb Spell to shatter the stone platforms. You can resummon them by hitting the pink devices again.

It’s important to remember you can simply run past many of these fights — if you can reach the pink device to activate or lever, you’ll unlock a shortcut without having to fight.

Throne of the Frog King | Frog King Boss

Phase 1: In the first phase, the Frog King pops out from below and attacks with his magic mace. Panels of the arena will break as he bounces — restoring them all when he lands a slam attack. For this phase, you simply need to hit him in the back three times to break off his armor.

Phase 2: Swap to the Bow and be prepared to use it — the boss will no longer restore arena floor panels himself, you’ll have to shoot the pink magic mace with a bow shot when he turns his back. Try to do this every time he finishes his vacuum attack or bomb attack.

Whenever he finishes a bomb attack or vacuum attack, the Frog King will stomp the arena then leave his back exposed. Shoot the pink mace with an arrow to restore all the stone platforms, then charge a melee attack and wait for him to turn around.

You can attack him right after a butt stomp, or before his vacuum / bomb attack. Just keep restoing the floor panels, and this fight is a breeze.

  • Giant Arrowhead: Throne of the Frog King – After you defeat the Frog King, climb the ladder past the arena floor to find this collectible.

To continue your quest, go to the Stranded Sailor and break through the cracked wall behind his ship. It leads right to the next dungeon.