Returnal: Best Weapons & Upgrades For Easy Runs | OP Loot Guide

Luck is everything in Returnal. With the right loot, Selene can become absolutely unstoppable — and if you’re in the late-game, you’ve probably learned that there’s certain weapons (and upgrades) that are so, so much better than everything else. When it comes to completing the game in Returnal, the most important items give you sustainability. Your most important resource is your health, and finding ways to recover health is how you’ll go from a Returnal scrub to a Returnal master. With the right set of gear, it’s entirely possible to blast through the entire game in a single run.

The big question is — what should you be looking out for? Here, we’re going to list the best weapons and upgrades to help you complete full game runs. It’s entirely luck-based whether you’ll see these upgrades or not, but if you do see them, don’t hesitate to snatch them up as early as possible. Don’t be stingy with that Either, and trade for Obelites whenever you can find shop upgrades. They’re too important to skip. And the less damage you take, the more often green drops will be Health Upgrades instead of repairs. You want to boost your maximum health as much as possible.

That’s just a few basic tips. When it comes to weapons and loot, this is the stuff you absolutely must find for easy runs.

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Best Weapons & Upgrades

In Returnal, the best gear gives you sustainability. Ignore any parasites that damage you for any reason, because health is your most important resource. The more health you have, the longer you’ll survive — and there’s no easy way to restore health… unless you find the right gear. Gear that restores your health for any reason is completely OP in Returnal. Once weapons with special augments appear, you need to grab them. They’ll only drop if you’re lucky, so keep an eye out.

  • Suit Augment – Adrenaline Restore: Restores HP based on Adrenaline Level. Can be found in Shop Fabricators, regular Fabricators, or from standard Suit Augment loot drops. Ridiculously OP for blasting through each biome.
  • Weapon Upgrade – Leech Life: Dealing damage to enemies restores a portion of your life. Check every weapon for this upgrade. It changes everything — you’ll be able to constantly restore health, and restore health during boss fights. Insanely useful.
  • Astronaut Figurine: Artifact that brings you back to life with a small amount of health. One of the most useful items in the game. If you see it for sale in a Shop, buy it.
  • Weapon: Driver – A unique weapon with homing bullets. Stick an enemy with a shot, then you can deal damage without having to aim. One of the best weapons in the game because you can focus completely on evading / dodging.

It isn’t much, but these weapons, items and upgrades will ensure a good run. If you can get the Suit Upgrade that restores HP based on your Adrenaline, then you’re basically set for the rest of the game. Keep your health high, get lots of upgrades, buy up all the extra lives you can, and try to aim for weapons with Leech Life to keep you alive during long boss fights. Don’t waste time with parasites that deal damage. Follow those simple tips, and you’ll conquer runs. You just have to wait for the right time when these items actually drop.