Returnal: How To Unlock The Secret Ending | Post-Game Guide

Returnal doesn’t end after beating the last boss. There’s still a Secret Ending waiting for your lost astronaut Selene. Getting it is a cryptic journey through the entire randomly-generated alien world of Atropos. If you’re looking for help, we’ve got spoiler-free instructions below, explaining how to complete every step and get the best possible ending — at least, the best possible ending available right now. Who knows what’s in store for the future.

To get the ending, Selene needs to go through all six biomes to find unique items called SunFace Fragments. You need to find all six to earn the special ending — and they always spawn in the same rooms, but those rooms are (naturally) randomized like everything else in the biome. Still, if you search the biomes thoroughly, these collectibles are always available, and they will always spawn. Here’s what you need to know to find them all and get the final ending.

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How To Unlock The Secret Ending | Step-by-Step Guide

Collect the Audio Log located in front of the House in the Overgrown Ruins. On the Audio Log, Selene says she needs to “piece together the Sunface Fragments” to re-ignite the sun.

Next, Sunface Fragments will spawn on all six biomes. The Sunface Fragments always spawn in a specific room — there is one in each biome. The location will be randomized, but there she always be a Sunface Fragment room.

Collect all six Sunface Fragments — one from each biome — to unlock the next step. The Sunface Fragments will always spawn in a biome. You can collect them in any order, and all in one run.

NOTE: To collect the Sunface Fragments, Selene must acquire the Promethean Insulators at the beginning of the Fractured Wastes. Return with a key to unlock the door and complete the challenge room to get them. The Promethean Insulators are required to access deadly red water.

  • Sunface Fragment #1: Overgrown Ruins – Find a huge expanse where you can reveal invisible platforms. The fragment is on the other side.
  • Sunface Fragment #2: Crimson Wastes – In the desert section of the biome, look for a large tower room. You’ll need the Promethean Insulators to walk through the deadly water.
  • Sunface Fragment #3: Derelict Citadel – Cross the bridge on the way to the Xeno Archives. Before entering, there’s a pool. Drop into the water to find the hidden Fragment.
  • Sunface Fragment #4: Echoing Ruins – Reach a room with red killer water and a locked door on the far side. You don’t need to unlock the door — the fragment is across the red water.
  • Sunface Fragment #5: Fractured Wastes – In the vault, activate the glowing orb to reveal hidden platforms leading up. The fragment is at the top.
  • Sunface Fragment #6: Abyssal Scar – In a large room, try to find a lower ledge with a view of an orb — shooting the orb will reveal invisible platforms you can cross. The platforms lead to the final fragment.

Sunface Fragments are permanent key items. You do NOT need to collect them all in a single run.

Return to the House in the Overgrown Ruins. Enter the House again to receive the Car Key Item. Next, travel to the Abyssal Scar and defeat the last boss.

After defeating the last boss, stop and interact with the car instead. Using the car will unlock the true ending.

And that’s everything! You’ll have to re-explore every single biome, but you don’t have to refight bosses while collecting Sunface Fragments, and you don’t have to collect them all in a single run. You can collect them in any order, and you can skip the boss fights you’ve completed to grab them all faster. The fragments are guaranteed to spawn, so don’t worry about missing them. They will always be available somewhere in each biome.