Returnal: How To Unlock An Extra Life | House Key Guide

Returnal is an extremely mysterious game by design. You’ll encounter strange phenomenon that goes unexplained — and you’ll just have to figure it all out. One of the first mysteries you’ll encounter is the House. As a lost astronaut on a very strange planet, you’ll encounter a house with a locked door while exploring the Overgrown Ruins — the first location (biome) in the game. There’s no way to open the door right away, but if you’re persistent, there’s a method to get that door open eventually. The rewards are worth it.

Returnal is an impressively detailed rogue-lite, with randomly generated worlds you’ll have to explore (and survive) to make progress. Each cycle through the endless expanse is filled with mystery — you’ll have to scrounge for upgrades and abilities if you want to defeat the boss waiting for you at the end of each area. When you die, you’ll have to start over from scratch at the beginning. But, some items are permanent upgrades to your arsenal. The House Key is one of the first permanent items you’ll get.

How To Get The House Key | Permanent Items Guide

The House (and the House Key) are located in the first biome, the Overgrown Ruins. The House is a strange randomly-generated location that you can access on subsequent playthroughs for rewards. On your first encounter, you won’t be able to open it.

Continue deeper into the Overgrown Ruins, and you’ll eventually encounter a randomly generated dead-end with an alien plinth up some stairs. Scanning this will reveal the House Key. It’s completely random when and how you’ll encounter it, so just keep delving into the Overgrown Ruins until you find this treasure room. The House Key is a key item — its permanent, so you can die and use the key on a future run.

After resurrected, use the House Key to unlock the door. Entering the House for the first time will unlock the “Welcome Home” trophy. Completely explore the house, and you’ll appear outside — the Astronaut Figurine will appear nearby. This is a special artifact that is used to resurrect the player. Always lookout for future house appearances. Completing house scenes will give you more rewards.