NieR Replicant (2021): How To Get All 4 Bonus Weapons | New Content Guide

NieR Replicant is more than just a remastered version of the cult action-RPG. The 2021 version also includes new content — including a huge new ending sequence, complete with cutscenes. There are even a few new weapons you can acquire. These weapons are pretty rare, and there aren’t many of them. Three of the four are required to unlock the new Ending E content, while the last is a special weapon you can get after you’ve finished everything the game has to offer.

Most of the new weapons are attached to a special mode called the World of the Recycled Vessel. This was originally released as DLC, but now comes included in NieR Replicant. You can access this DLC content from your house after completing the game once. These are basically challenge arenas, where you fight through enemies — and there are new types of Shades to encounter. There’s new music and new outfits to unlock, too! Here’s a quick list explaining how to unlock the DLC-exclusive weapons, and how to get the all-new post-game weapon.

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New Weapons Locations Guide

To unlock the new content and get an ending exclusive to the 2021 remaster, you need to find three of these weapons that were previously not required. The fourth weapon is a special bonus you can earn after getting Ending E.

Special / New Weapons

To unlock the Fool’s Accord / Fool’s Lament / Fool’s Embrace, you need to access the World of the Recycled Vessel. This area becomes available after completing Ending A. Find the access in your Village Home.

  • Fool’s Embrace (One-Handed Weapon): Complete Door 1 of the World of the Recycled Vessel.
  • Fool’s Lament (Two-Handed Weapon): Complete Door 2 of the World of the Recycled Vessel.
  • Fool’s Accord (Spear): Complete Door 3 of the World of the Recycled Vessel.
  • Kaine’s Sword (One-Handed Weapon): Complete Ending E, then return to Kaine’s tent on a subsequent playthrough. You’ll find her sword here.