NieR Replicant (2021): How To Ride Wild Boars | Mounts Guide

There are mounts in NieR Replicant — well, there’s at least one mount. By obtaining a unique item called the Boar Tusk, you can tame and ride boars like a mount. You’ll have to find them in the environment, but once you obtain the Boar Tusk they become much more prevalent. And tamed boars won’t attack you anymore! It’s a win-win.

Riding Boars gives you a huge speed boost and a powerful attack all at the same time. The Boar charge will defeat most enemies instantly, and makes farming for stuff like mutton a little bit easier. This is the only real fast-travel method in the game, and there are ways to defeat this difficult enemy safely even very early in the game. Let’s get ourselves a Wild Boar mount with the full side-quest guide below.

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How To Unlock The Boar Tusk & Tame Wild Boars

After completing the Lost Shrine, return to the Village — after talking to Popollo and leaving the library, go down to the main street and talk to the old man NPC sitting down near the entrance arch. He’ll give you a quest to defeat a Wild Boar.

Accept the “Boar Hunt!” side-quest and enter the fields. You’ll find the boar (usually) just past the wooden bridge. The Wild Boar isn’t easy this early in the game — you’ll have to play it safe with ranged attacks. A single charge attack from the Boar can kill you this early on.

  • How To Beat The Wild Boar: To make the fight easier, jump on one of the large rocks in the field and just shoot the boar from there. The boar will attempt to charge the rock — make sure you’re nowhere near it or the charge attack can still hit you! But, if the boar doesn’t hit you, it’ll slam into the rocks and stun itself. That gives you an easy opening to hit it with a melee combo.

Defeat the Boar to obtain the Boar Tusk. Take it back to the NPC quest-giver in the Village. With the Boar Tusk, Wild Boars are now tame around you — if you approach one, you can ride it! You can charge or just move faster around the environment. This is a great way to fast travel through zones, and you don’t have to worry about enemies because the Wild Boar mount can just smash straight through them.

Not a bad reward! And it can be easily missed. You might think the Wild Boar hunting quest is just a standard quest with a reward, but it actually gives you something much more useful. You can ride Wild Boars for the rest of the game now, so grab this one early!