20 Best Switch Accessories of 2021

The Nintendo Switch is one of the fastest selling consoles ever — and if you’ve got one, why not get some accessories to go along with it?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an early adopter or a new Nintendo Switch owner, there are lots of accessories that can greatly improve your Switch experience. And this is one console that needs all the little extras you can get! None of them are required, but some are greatly appreciated. I’m going to list 20 of my favorite Nintendo Switch accessories — the ones that are new in 2021, and the ones that new Switch owners still absolutely must have.

Flip Grip [$12]

Far from the most essential accessory on our list — the Flip Grip from Fangamer is just one of the coolest little accessories for the Nintendo Switch. This piece of plastic allows you to play games in Vertical Mode — which sounds awesome for rounds of Tetris. Way more games are compatible with Vertical Mode than you might realize! Here’s a fully-updated list of everything that works in this wonky (and totally optional) grip style.

Pikachu Instax Mini Link Printer [$120]

One of the weirdest accessories available is also the newest. The FujiFilm Instax Mini Link Printer is fully Nintendo Switch compatible, allowing you to instantly print out screenshots. And yes, there’s a plastic Pikachu attachment, making this the perfect little device for capturing memories of Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch. This thing is basically the 2021 version of the Gameboy Printer.

Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing [$12-$35]

Not exactly an essential accessory for your Nintendo Switch console, but absolutely essential if you’ve got a little one in the house. These 2021 brand-new Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear characters are selling out fast, but you can get notifications for future releases on the website linked above. So far, we’ve got Tom Nook and Isabelle — and Build-A-Bear promises more in the future. This is one of the cutest crossovers we’ve seen in a very long time, and pretty surprisingly mainstream. Kids can dress up their Animal Crossing characters with lots of options. This is a cozy accessory that’s perfect for enhancing the Animal Crossing experience.

NES / SNES Controllers [$41.99 / $29.99]

Want a more old-school feel to the games you play? You can purchase official NES / SNES controllers for your Nintendo Switch — the NES Controllers come in a pair, so you can instantly start using them with friends for classic games. The SNES Controller has a lot more functionality (way more buttons, and a more ergonomic shape) — but they’re both perfect for those free Nintendo Switch Online games.

MicroSD Cards | 256GB [$54.99] | 512GB [$129.99] | 1TB [$279.99]

A new MicroSD is one of the first things you’ll need to buy for your Nintendo Switch. All Nintendo Switch models start with a pretty small internal HD, so if you’re planning on doing lots of downloading, you’ll need the biggest possible MicroSD available. Installation is incredibly easy — just flip up the stand and insert the MicroSD into the slot. You can get MicroSDs up to 1TB, but I’ve made do with a 128GB HD for years. If you’re buying physically, you can easily stick to a small MicroSD. If you’re planning on downloading first-party games, you’ll need as much space as possible.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit [$99.99]

One of the coolest releases of 2020 is the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kit. You’re racing for real using cardboard and a remote control Mario! By placing the included markers all around your house, you can create wild tracks and race your friends IRL. There’s a little camera attached to your remote control Mario / Luigi kart, so you’ll control everything from your Nintendo Switch console using a controller. It’s a surreal experience.

Joy-Con Wheel Pair [$26.90]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most-sold racing game on the planet. It’s one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch, so buying an extra little accessory isn’t out of the question. You can insert your Joy-Cons into these little plastic wheels, making MK8 easier to play with friends. Using the wheel, you can use motion controls for easier turning — and even parents can understand if they’re playing with kids.

Mario Kart Racing Wheel Deluxe [$99.99]

For the hardcore Mario Kart enthusiast, there’s a fully-functional wheel and pedals to give you the most control possible in MK8. The wheel has all the Nintendo Switch buttons you need — including the all-important Share button so you can screenshot your exploits. This wheel is the real-deal. Some might say it’s overkill for a cute little party racing game — but if you’re a serious online contender, it’s a no-brainer buy.

Hybrid Cover [$14.99]

One of my first purchases is the Hybrid Cover — a cover you can put on your Nintendo Switch (or Switch Lite) that protects the screen while you’re travelling. The Hybrid Cover has a protective flap you can flip down, keeping the fragile glass screen safe from scratches. There are many different Hybrid Covers available for the Nintendo Switch, and I’ll easily recommend any of them. They’re basically required if you want to throw your Nintendo Switch in your bag and play it on-the-go.

Deluxe Travel Case [$15.99]

Even if you’ve purchased a Hybrid Cover, you’ll also need a hardcase for your Nintendo Switch to keep it secured while travelling. Whether you’re in the car or taking your Switch long-distance on an airplane, the Travel Case is highly recommended. I use it just to take my Nintendo Switch to my friends — and I’m confident my precious console won’t get messed up. Even if I’m a clumsy doofus and drop it. The Deluxe Travel Case has storage for extra physical games, and a flap to protect the screen. Don’t bother with the softcases. Always go hard!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller [$69.99]

If you’re planning on playing the Nintendo Switch as much as I do, you absolutely must get the Pro Controller. The Pro Controller is one of the best controllers on the market for consoles — the directional pad is perfect, and it makes playing most Nintendo Switch games so much easier. Your friends will be jealous when you pull this baby out of storage and they’re stuck with half a Joy-Con. The Joy-Cons are nice for easily playing with lots of friends, but the Pro Controller is your best friend for long-term gaming.

RYZE Pads [$39.99]

If you’re deadset of still using the included Joy-Cons on your Nintendo Switch, you can use these RYZE Pads to instantly make controlling easier. These little pads snap onto the Joy-Con D-Pads, giving you way more grip and protecting your Joy-Con D-Pads from becoming rubbed-down nubs — the fate of all console D-Pads after too much use. The RYZE Pads come recommended from friends. They’re not cheap, but these are sturdy, and come in multiple different shapes to perfectly fit your thumbs.

Joy-Con Charging Grip [$29.99]

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with one of these — and that’s basically criminal! One of your first Nintendo Switch purchases should be the Charging Grip. It comes with a USB charging plug that fits to the Nintendo Switch TV Dock — now you can hold your Joy-Cons like a normal controller and charge them at the same time. I grabbed one of these ASAP, and you should too.

Adjustable Charging Station [$20]

The Adjustable Charging Station is a huge improvement over the crummy flipstand on your Nintendo Switch. If you like using the Nintendo Switch outside of your TV — like using it on your desk, or just want to use it while travelling, the Adjustable Charging Station is a lifesaver. It’s a little rocking dock that allows you to plug in your Nintendo Switch and adjust how it stands with a sturdy little plastic clip.

PowerCore 13400 Power Bank [$70]

Another handy travelling device. This PowerCore 13400 Power Bank is officially endorsed by Nintendo, so you know its safe to use with the Nintendo Switch . The power bank, when fully charged, gives you up to 10 hours of extra playtime on-the-go. The Power Bank will also recharge your Switch (and itself) when plugged in while you’re gaming. This is another alternative charging plug, and one that’s really important when you’re stuck on extra long flights.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure [$69.99]

One of my favorite Nintendo Switch accessories is the Ring Con and Leg-Strap. These work-out devices are built specifically for Ring Fit Adventure, a Switch game that’s both fun and exhausting. If you’re looking for a fun way to work-out at home, the Ring Fit is one of the best — you’re basically attaching your Joy-Cons to your leg and to the Ring-Con, which can measure how much pushing and pulling force you’re applying to the workout ring. The game is a little like an RPG, where you use different workout attacks to defeat enemies — all while you’re jogging and jumping through obstacles. It’s also highly adjustable, so you can customize the game to your fitness level.

Amiibo [$12.99-$15.99]

Amiibo aren’t going anywhere. These little plastic toys unlock tons of surprising little freebies on lots of Nintendo Switch games, and they’re still being released for the biggest games. You can get your very own allies (and monsters) for Monster Hunter Rise, or get little rewards for scanning the many characters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Amiibo all sell for about $12.99-$15.99 depending on how big / complex they are, but they’re all very cute, and many games feature Amiibo functionality and you might not even realize it.

Screen Protective Filter [$9.99]

Not feeling like getting a Hybrid Cover? Want to make sure your screen is protected at all times? That’s what the Screen Protective Filter is for. This adhesive piece is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, and applying it still allows you to stick your Nintendo Switch in the TV Dock. Don’t go for the crummy sheets that don’t work — this thing is easy to apply, and can be removed later if it gets damaged. The Nintendo Switch screen needs all the protection it can get.

Wired Internet Lan Adapter [$29.99]

If you play a lot of competitive multiplayer games, you know that wireless internet just isn’t good enough. To get the best speeds, you need to be plugged into your router directly. That’s what the Wired Internet Lan Adapter is for — and shamefully, it took me a very long time to realize this was even possible for the Nintendo Switch. There are plenty of games that need better internet speed — Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros., and more. It’s a little expensive, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay to get the most speed.

Cartridge Holder Add-On [$9.95]

Etsy is a gold-mine for cute accessories you won’t find anywhere else, and this is one of my favorites. The plastic extension fits directly onto your Switch Dock, allowing you to store (and display) 24 Nintendo Switch cartridges. No need to find your box and pop it open — just plop them down here for quick game swaps. And it’s a nice display piece!

That covers 20 of our favorite Nintendo Switch accessories, add-ons, and extra stuff you just need. Here’s hoping to even more new Nintendo Switch news in 2021! Is a Nintendo Switch Pro announcement just around the corner?