Outriders: How To Raise Your World Tier | Easy Farming Guide

Your World Tier is pretty dang important in Outriders. World Tier is your personal difficulty level — the higher the tier, the better loot you’ll receive. As your World Tier increases, the difficulty also ramps up until basic enemies are ripping you to shreds.

Once your World Tier is increased, it can be permanently selected (or lowered) whenever you want. If you reach WT12, you can drop down to WT8 and still bump it back up to WT12 whenever you want. That’s why you might want to boost your WT rank by earning WT XP — earn enough and those new World Tiers are your’s. Even better, you get a reward every time you raise your World Tier.

At the highest World Tiers, you’ll get a guaranteed Legendary. If that isn’t worth the farming, I don’t know what is.

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Raising Your World Tier | Farming Guide

To easily farm World Tier XP and raise your World Tier rank permanently, you only need to reach the third main mission of the game. We’ve played through plenty of missions, and this one is by far the easiest — and fastest to replay.

  • How To Farm World Tier XP
    • Access the Story Point select menu, and select First City – Reach the other side of the river.
    • Start this mission, clear the first encounter area, then clear the second encounter area. Collect all the chests.
    • Relog and restart the quest — or simply re-select the mission from the Story Point select menu.

The mission is all versus monster-type enemies instead of soldiers. These enemies are much easier to kite and clear out at any World Tier level — so set your World Tier as high as you can and just replay until you earn enough WT XP to rank up.

It’s easy, quick, and you’ll start finding plenty of Epic loot once you reach WT10. If you’re sick of dying and want to get the sweet Legendary gun rewards at WT12, WT14, and WT15, this isn’t the worst way to do it solo.