Persona 5 Strikers: This Is The Best Way To Farm BOND XP | ‘Eternal Bonds’ Achievement / Trophy Guide

Unlocking the ‘Eternal Bonds’ achievement / trophy is a grueling slog in Persona 5 Strikers. To unlock the trophy, you’ll have to unlock every BOND perk in the game — and that’s going to take an absurd amount of time. Once you reach the post-game, you won’t be earning BOND by spending time with your friends any more. Most players will just fight random encounters to (slowly) raise your BOND XP.

To raise our BOND levels faster, you’ll need to reach the post-game. After beating the final boss once, you’ll be able to return to the final dungeon and complete unique requests. Yes, new requests will appear — and some of them are perfect for grinding infinite BOND XP. Let’s get into the best ways to earn BOND fast.

This is all about post-game content ahead, so stop here if you don’t want any spoilers.

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To farm BOND XP faster, you’ll need to reach the post-game. After beating the final boss, check your Requests — there are new post-game requests for the final dungeon. To earn BOND XP faster, you’ll need to complete a repeatable request.

  • BOND XP Farming | The Basics
    • Complete the “Angel of Contracts Descends” Request
    • The request is located in the Tree of Knowledge – Hall of Contracts.
    • To complete the request, defeat the Metatron boss “Angel of Contracts” — turning in the request will give you about 25% BOND XP.

This request can be repeated infinitely. After finishing it once, you’ll be able to do it again. Before attempting this, you’ll want to turn down the Difficulty to Easy — it doesn’t effect how much BOND XP you earn.

Travel to the Hall of Contracts and bring the following party loadout to make this fight go by a little faster. If you manage to reach Lvl. 99, you can grind these battles out much faster, but if you’re still working through the rest of the post-game challenges, this is all you need to know.

  • Angel of Contracts | Boss Tips
    • For your party, bring Joker, Skull, Wolf, and a healer (Sophie / Mona).
    • Metatron is weak to Lightning and Curse.
    • Use Matarukaja (Joker) and Debilitate (Wolf) at the start of the battle.
    • Use lightning spells until Metatron is in a Shock state. Now you can do Technical damage — just burn through SP. Use Severe level attacks.

It’s a straightforward fight, you’ll just want to use everything you can to make it faster. You’ll have to grind this guy for hours to get enough BOND XP to complete the BOND perks. This is still the fastest method we’ve found for doing it.

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