Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Grab 5 Free Crowns By Completing This Official Survey

The bean counters are looking into the future of Fall Guys, and they want to know your thoughts. Announced through the official Fall Guys twitter, you can now access a survey to earn free Crowns — 5 Crowns to be exact. Think of it as a reward for helping the devs decide what to expand in the far-off future.

Season 3 is currently going strong on PC and PS4, adding a host of snowy levels and chilly-themed costumes. Oh, and also those DOOM Eternal outfits we’ve all be salivating over. Crowns are in-game currency you can use to purchase outfits and other cosmetics at the in-game store. Why not use this opportunity to treat yourself?

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How To Claim Your 5 Crowns

To claim 5 free Crowns, you need to start the survey (linked here) and input your Fall Guys Support ID. You’ll be asked to input your Support ID early in the survey. Don’t skip it!

  • To find your Support ID: Go to Settings -> Profile -> Select “Reveal Support ID

As stated on the Falls Guys Twitter, it takes about a week before you’ll receive your Crowns after submitting the Survey. It may take a little longer with weekends. The Survey only takes about 15 minutes, and might just hint at the future of Fall Guys.

Will we get more collaboratives costumes? A Creator Mode? 30 v 30? The survey asks you to rank your favorite costumes, and what you like most about Fall Guys, such as if you’d like to see more Obstacle Courses, Final Stages, Competitive Maps and more. There are lots of options, so go check out the survey and vote for what you want most. The devs might heed your words and add more of what you already love to the game.