12 Weird Playstation Features You Never Knew Your Consoles Had

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Early PS3s Were Packed With Compact Flash Card Readers

The early PS3s cost Sony a ton of money to produce. We all knock early PS3s were backwards compatible, but they were also packed with flash card readers. A little flap could be lifted to reveal four different sized card readers — and they were only really used to upload pictures. Why would anyone want to upload pictures to their PS3?

…And They Could Connect To A Printer

Early PS3s could also connect to a printer. Yes, seriously — if you had a load of pictures on a flash card, but didn’t have access to a computer, users could connect to a wireless printer directly through the PS3 and start a print job. Why was this a feature? We have no idea. Like the flash card slots, this feature became obsolete after the PS3 was redesigned.

PS3 Supports Up To +7 More Controllers For Local Play

More on the video game side of things, the PS3 supported up to 8 simultaneously connected controllers. The PS4 and PS5 only support 4-player local coop, which is the agreed upon standard for more consoles. Why did the PS3 pump that number to 8? I have no idea.

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