12 Weird Playstation Features You Never Knew Your Consoles Had

Move The Little PS2 Symbol So It’s Properly Oriented On The PS2

Here’s a funny little feature I never knew about on the PS2. You can set the PS2 horizontal or vertical — it’s all just preference, and we all know about changing the orientation of consoles. What I didn’t know was that you could move the little PS2 symbol so it faces the correct direction. I had no idea — who ever thought to mess around with the PS2 symbol and see if it was customizable?

Pop PS1 Games Into The CD Player

PS1 games had a fun little extra for 90s kids. You could place the games directly into a CD Player and listen to music tracks on the disc. Games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night had little Easter eggs hidden on these tracks — and you could do this with a ton of different games. It was fun just testing them all out and seeing which would work.

And PS4 / PS5 Shareplay Works Like Magic

Finally, we’re getting to Shareplay. This weird feature lets you see what your friends are playing remotely — you’ll see exactly what they’re seeing, streamed to your console. Not only that, but you can jump into their game and take over if you want. Fans of this amazing little mode say it works lag-free. I’ve never tried it myself, but it sounds like a great way to connect with friends playing singleplayer games, especially during the pandemic.

This is one feature that actually requires a Playstation Plus subscription. I guess when it’s something this good, they can’t just give it away.

Those are all the weirdest, more underused features on Playstation consoles we’ve found. We didn’t even get into the light bar or motion controls. Everybody knows about that stuff anyway.