30 Best Backwards Compatible Games To Play On Xbox Series X | S

Take a trip back to the Xbox OG.

Best Backwards Compatible Games On Xbox Series X | S:

Must-Play Backwards Compatible Games | Xbox Original

Ninja Gaiden: Black [Hardcore Action| NOT On The Game Pass]

One of the best character action games on any console, Ninja Gaiden: Black is a blisteringly fast, difficult action-platformer that sends your titular ninja into enemy territory to fight an evil army and the demons they’ve summoned to rule the world. The map has Metroidvania elements, and the polish on this game is off the charts. Make it through the difficult first chapter, and you’ll have no problem with the rest.

Breakdown [FPS Brawler | NOT On The Game Pass]

Another totally unique FPS — in Breakdown, you gain the powers to punch your enemies into oblivion with enhanced, glowing-red arms. The game is fully first-person, and you will get guns sometimes, but this is all about using your powers to brawl everyone to death. Not one of the best games on the console, but you won’t find this one anywhere else. And it’s totally unique, so give it a try if you can find it.

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Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse [Action | NOT On The Game Pass]

Stubbs The Zombie is a humorous third-person action game, unleashing your undead hero Stubbs into a 1950s utopian society. Because you’re a zombie, you have to spread the undead plague by biting people, generating your own army and fighting to take down this twisted version of the American Dream. There really aren’t any other games like Stubbs.

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf [Action Shooter | NOT On The Game Pass]

Sometimes I just feel like stomping stuff. Mech Assault 2 is a faster, more arcade-friendly version of the Mech Warrior series, quickly dropping you into a giant war machine and letting you lay waste to your enemies with massive weapons. One fun feature allows you to ditch your mech and run around as an ant-sized human. Get caught by an enemy mech, and you’re squished.

Crazy Taxi [Arcade Racing | NOT On The Game Pass]

The arcade classic challenges you to earn time (and cash) by completing taxi jobs as quickly as possible. The hyper-active driving and music make this one of the most memorable games of the last 90s — and the version on Xbox OG retains everything fun. A perfect game for quick 10-minute bursts of gameplay.

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