12 Aggravating True Endings We Hated Unlocking

Parasite Eve

Want to see the surreal true ending in Parasite Eve? You’ll have to do more than just replay the game a second time and experience the game from a new perspective like Resident Evil. Parasite Eve is a survival-horror adventure, and you’ll have to master everything to do with this weird little PS1 gem to get the true ending to the game.

After finishing the game once, you’ll unlock a New Game+ EX mode. From there, you’ll need to enter a 77 floor skyscraper dungeon — the floors are randomized, and you’ll have to re-fight bosses from all over the game as you climb to the top. It’s an aggravatingly tough challenge, and you can only save your game every 10 floors. If that sounds fun to you, then goodluck.


We’re going from one Square-Enix RPG to another. Final Fantasy X-2 was made for multiple playthroughs, and managing to complete the game with 100% completion unlocks the game’s true ending — the thing we’ve all been waiting for. Yuna finally reunites with Tidus! The love story is complete!

But to get there, you have to earn 100% completion. And that’s a lot harder than it sounds. Completely arbitrary things decide completion — choosing the wrong dialogue choice in a text conversation might count for 1%. Getting every item counts, and you’ll have to unlock every hidden dungeon by sending out specific chocobos to specific locations. Basically, you need a guide and a lot of hours — it can take multiple playthroughs of this 30+ hour JRPG just to get a 30 second ending.

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