12 Aggravating True Endings We Hated Unlocking

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

As if Sekira: Shadows Die Twice wasn’t hard enough. Unlocking the best ending is complicated, arcane, and requires multiple steps that you 100% would never do without a guide. You don’t have to fight any new bosses or explore new areas — you just have to share items with specific characters, and use your powers in a way you never thought was possible. Oh, you didn’t know you could mind-control enemies and make them activate switches only they can interact with? Neither did I!

People complain about the secret ending requirements in Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, but this is much worse in my book. And it all leads to a positive ending that even hints at future adventures for our shinobi hero! To even get started, you have to travel to an optional location that’s very difficult early in the game and complete it before going to your main objective. Then you have to kill a guy, visit him in the after-life, and then give his special item to a kid. There are secret giant snakes involved. It’s a hassle. If you’re really curious, check out our full Sekiro ending guide here.

Dishonored 1 & 2

Dishonored is an absolutely incredible series of first person sneaking games that give you an awesome array of powers to do your dirty work. The story branches depending on your choices, and if you want the happiest possible ending, you’ll have to play through these games as stealthily as possible.

Why is that a bad thing? Because it makes about 95% of your abilities and powers completely useless. This is a game that’s all about finding the most creative ways to dispatch your opponents, and simply sneaking around knocking guys out with chokeholds is the opposite of that. The games are still fun, but earning the best ending is about limiting your options. They’re still great games, but earning the best ending can be a real drag.

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