Baldur’s Gate 3: 10 More Tips Everyone Needs To Know | Combat Tricks, Best Abilities & More

We’re still digging into Baldur’s Gate 3 — and even in its Early-Access form, there’s a lot here. It’s a game anyone can pick up and play, but it’s also packed with details and systems straight out of Dungeons & Dragons.

If you’re not familiar with Tabletop RPGs, there’s a lot you just might not know. Do you know what DC does? How is a Concentration Spell different than other types of spells? How is blunt damage different than piercing damage? That’s just scratching the surface.

We’re double-dipping and offering 10 more tips all about Baldur’s Gate 3. We’re discussing how to find secrets, tricky ways to use potions, powerful combat strategies, and much more. There’s so much to discuss we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one list.

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#1: Potions Can Be Thrown For Quick Healing

Potions aren’t just for drinking. You can throw them at your allies for a quick infusion of healing — but the breaking glass does do damage, so don’t use this technique if your ally is on death’s door. You can also throw potions on the ground to create a little pool of healing your party members can stand in.

#2: Got The Strength? You Can Even Throw Your Teammates (Or Enemies)

Seriously. If your strength is high enough, you can throw your teammates! When pushing isn’t good enough for enemies, just pick them up and toss them over the ledge for a quick kill.

#3: Right-Click To Inspect And Learn Secrets

Right-Click to Inspect is useful for examining the world — if there’s a weak wall, make sure to inspect to see what type of damage you need to apply. Force or Blunt damage will knock down walls, while piercing or slashing damage won’t help at all.

#4: The Find Familiar Spell Lures Enemies To Their Doom

Find Familiar summons a Familiar you can boss around — and it’s a great way to lure enemies into advantageous combat areas. Summon a Familiar and lure enemies under a rooftop so you can snipe them easily. The distraction is just incredibly handy.

#5: Use The Environment To Your Advantage

If you’ve playing the previous Larian games like Divinity, you’ll know that the environment is your best weapon. Pushing enemies off ledges, luring them into traps, or setting off explosive barrels — these are all killer strategies for tough fights. Got a poison potion? Throw it on the ground in a chokepoint and defend that position, poisoning incoming enemies as they try to reach you.

#6: Note The Different Types Of Spells

There are two types of Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3instantaneous and concentration. Instantaneous spells are cast immediately on use, but Concentration spells take some time. If you’re attacked while trying to summon up a Concentration spell, you’ll have to make a successful ability check or your spell will be interrupted. Annoying, but an important detail to keep track of.

#7: Pick These Classes For An Easier Time

Martial Classes are the easiest to use — any class that focuses on armor, strength, and plenty of big weapons. They aren’t necessarily the most OP, but they’re simple and straightforward. The Warlock is the simplest class to wrap your head around if you’re aiming for magic-users. If you want a little bit of both, the Cleric is a killer martial class with healing magic. That’s always useful

#8: Don’t Spam Those Spells – Use Alternate Methods

There is no magical pool of MP in Baldur’s Gate 3. Instead, everything works off of a cooldown that’s impressively long. You’ll have to take short rests to recover some abilities and spells, and others can only be recovered after a long rest at your camp. Try to save spells for situations where you’re outnumbered or in a tough fight. Use alternate solutions for battles — like kicking enemies off ledges. Always a good strategy.

#9: Rogues Can Kick Butt With These Tricks

Rogues are generally pretty great when it comes to bows-and-arrows, but they’re also killers in close-range. If you’re in a fight, you can jump (Free Action) to avoid reaction attacks and retreat, or you can enter sneak on your turn and hug the back of an enemy for a sneak attack. It seems strange to activate mid-battle, but it can work.

With bows, you can dip your arrows into fire to set them alight and burn enemies. Try to take the high-ground too. You’ll get bonuses for accuracy and range. Also, if an ally is standing next to an enemy in combat, you’ll have a better chance of hitting that enemy. Same goes for magic-users trying to sling spells.

#10: See Your Character Turn Order? You Can Swap That Around

In combat, you can actually swap around the turn order for your characters — but only if the turns are together. If you have three party members taking turns at the same time, then an enemy after that, you can swap your party member turn around however you like before the enemy turn — same goes if you just have two characters taking turns at the same time. This is very useful, and I don’t think it’s explained anywhere!

That’s 10 more tips that aren’t really explained at all in-game! We’re hyped for Baldur’s Gate 3, even if the full release is still a year off. Let us know if there are more useful tips we need to add to the list.