Tell Me Why: Episode 3 – How To Unlock Both Endings & All Puzzle Solutions

Tell Me Why reaches its conclusion in Chapter 3, and finishes up the story of estranged twins Alyson and Tyler. The truth is revealed, and drama ensues — but we’re going to keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum here. Even though we’re talking about the different endings, I’ll try to be as vague as possible. Still, there will be spoilers for both epilogues below. We won’t discuss specific plot points, though.

First, let’s talk about the puzzles in Tell Me Why. Episode 3 includes a whole bunch of different puzzles — some of them are extremely small, just little challenges, while others are going to take time to solve. They’re all optional, and it’s possible to smash your way through some of the trickier puzzles in the game. Still, if you want to solve them the ‘legit’ way and earn the hidden achievements, you’ll find how to do it below.

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All Chapter 3 Puzzle Solutions

There are several puzzles to solve — some of them will help you unlock achievements, and some of them are completely optional. If you want to unlock everything in the chapter, here’s how to solve all the puzzles and mini-challenges.

Police Station Puzzle

At the station, you can earn an achievement by solving the Mail Box Bandit puzzle. Eavesdrop during the conversation, and then when Officer Wilson approaches, answer her question correctly.

  • Answer: An Animal

Get the right answer to earn the ‘Mail Box Bandit‘ achievement.

Sam’s Hangar Puzzle

In Sam’s boat house, during the episode Adrift, he’ll ask you to help him fix his boat engine. While he’s working, you need to grab some stuff for him — if you’re too slow, the engine will explode.

Talk to Sam to offer help, then get the rust cleaner. The oil is in the blue cupboard to the left of the sink. It’s the red bottle. You’ll earn ‘Just One Fix‘ achievement for completing the challenge.

The Secret Barn Room Puzzle

In the chapter Princess and Tiara, you’ll have to enter a secret room in the barn by solving a puzzle. You need to select the correct spots on the mural to unlock the door and go inside.

  • The banner at the top.
  • The person hiding behind a tree on the lower-right.
  • The small tree near the center.
  • The left hand beneath the tree.
  • The castle to the left of the mountain.

Select all those spots to enter. There’s a box ahead — but ignore that for now. Instead, look at the little wooden pedestals. If you’ve collected all 13 collectibles, you can now place them on these pedestals and unlock the ‘And Everything In Its Place‘ achievement.

Finally, you can also earn the ‘Princess’ Lost Treasure‘ achievement by solving the puzzle on the puzzle box. To do that, you need to solve multiple smaller puzzles in this room to find clues — but it isn’t required. You can just input the correct code on the puzzle box to complete the challenge.

  • Puzzle Box Code: L – E – O

There’s an important bit of story information locked inside this chest, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

How To Get Both Endings

The endings are dependent on how bonded Alyson and Tyler are. The stronger your bond, the better your ending will be. There are many, many choices to make throughout all three episodes. Try to be supportive of each other and you’ll bond together and earn the Twins4Lyfe achievement.

No matter what your bonding level is, there are two distinct epilogue endings in Tell Me Why. To earn them, you need to make specific choices throughout the story.

  • Lock-Up And Go: Leave the Ronan House with Tyler.

To get this epilogue, you need to make these specific important choices: tell Eddy the truth and believe Tom’s version of events.

  • A New Chapter: Write a new chapter with Alyson.

This epilogue requires a different set of important choices: don’t tell Eddy the truth, and believe your version of events.