10 Worst Bugs In Our Favorite Video Games | Game-Breaking Bugs List

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There Is No Escape From Elevator In Mass Effect

As if the elevators weren’t bad enough in Mass Effect. The slow-moving lifts masked load times in Mass Effect, a game very obviously running in the Unreal Engine. And those load times were pretty frustrating, forcing your party to stand still and small-talk. We all hated it, but what makes these lifts even worse?

Bugs. Rarely, the elevators could get stuck and stop moving entirely. At the time of release, there was no fix for this problem, so players were forced to reload a previous save, potentially losing hours of progress. If that sounds bad, then you’ll really want to watch out for the rare elevators that acqually include an autosave. If you haven’t been manually saving, you’ll have to restart the entire game and just pray a different lift doesn’t decide to stop working for no good reason.

This problem was especially common on Noveria. Before patches removed the issue entirely, everyone just had to nervously quicksave before each lift ride. And there are only about a billion of them in the game.

One Deathtrap Batman Can’t Escape In Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins was the first Arkham game developed outside Rocksteady — and it is noticeably buggier. Most of the problems are pretty tame, like worse performance and weird collision on the environments. The worst problem comes from a side-quest area you can explore called the My Alibi Nightclub. If you go investigating at the wrong time in the game, you can get trapped there forever.

Upon entering the nightclub, lots of players fell through the floor or just got stuck in a black empty void. It’s a game-breaking bug that’s extremely easy to experience, and one that was later fixed. But if you got caught in the nightclub trap, the only solution was to delete your file and start from scratch. Some players managed to escape by completing challenge mode challenges, somehow escaping the void, but this wasn’t a solution for everyone. Thankfully this bug is patched out — just remember to download any updates if you’re a returning player.

These are the bugs that made us want to snap our CPUs in half. Check the next page for even more despair-inducing bugs in gaming.