10 Worst Bugs In Our Favorite Video Games | Game-Breaking Bugs List

There’s No Avoiding This Soul Calibur 3 Memory Card Corruption Bug

Soul Calibur 3 has a pretty awful bug that can instantly destroy your 30+ hour file. Soul Calibur 3 is a packed game full of fun bonus modes, and a character creator with your own unique creations — that can all get wiped in a blink of an eye. Soul Calibur 3 on the PS2 isn’t necessarily the worst glitch on this list, but it is insanely easy to trigger.

How does it work? If you delete a save file on your PS2 memory card that’s older than your SC3 save file, it automatically corrupts your game. It’s just that simple. PS2 Memory Cards had limited file space, so players had to constantly rotate which save files to keep and which ones to delete. So you’re almost guaranteed to get hit with this game-breaking glitch.

There’s only one way to avoid it — plug in a clean memory card and make sure your SC3 save is the first file on the system. Now it’s impossible to delete any files older than it! Yes, this is really the only fix.

Nudge An NPC Forever In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

One of the most agonizing glitches I’ve seen comes from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey — the open-world RPG set in ancient Greece. Your heroic mercenary must completes 50+ hours of missions to finish the brutally long story, and along the way you’ll encounter one quest called ‘I, Diona‘ that can bug out in the worst way possible.

The mission tasks you with taking a character to a town location. It should be a simple job — until your NPC refuses to move. They’ll just stand there. The bug is bad, but it’s the solution that’s worse. You can actually nudge your NPC all the way to your location — walking into them causes them to stumble a few steps. Do that a few hundred times over an hour or more, and you might be able to finish this quest!

These are the bugs that made us want to snap our CPUs in half. Check the next page for even more despair-inducing bugs in gaming.