Tell Me Why: Episode 1 – How To Solve All Puzzles | Solutions Guide

Tell Me Why is the new episodic adventure game from Dontnod, the same developers that created Life Is Strange. The first episode is available now, and promises an emotional journey — like their other adventure games, there’s a focus on exploration and choices. But, there are a few puzzles you can solve along the way.

In Episode 1, there are three specific puzzles to solve. There are puzzle doors locked with symbols, police station files to access, and a confrontation you’ll want to be prepared for. As a pair of twins working together to solve a terrible crime, you’ll want to get all the evidence you can for the best possible ending.

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How To Solve All Puzzles | Solutions Guide

There are several simple puzzles that can be solved in Tell Me Why — some of them can be missed! Here’s the solution for all the puzzles in Episode 1.

Mary-Ann’s Door Puzzle Solution

To solve the puzzle on Mary-Ann’s door, you need to select the correct critters.

  • Solution: Moose, Bear, Pelican

For solving this puzzle, you’ll unlock the ‘Crafty Goblins‘ achievement.

Tessa Interrogation Solution

To get the full confession from Tessa, you need to gather specific evidence and select the correct options during the confrontation.

  • Required Evidence: Collect from Tessa’s office before the confrontation.
    1. Read the notebook in the locker. Read all the pages marked 2004.
    2. Access the computer and read the e-mail titled Alliance for Traditional Family Values.

During the confrontation, make sure the select the following responses.

  • Tessa Confrontation Answers:
    1. October 2004
    2. Told her about the camp
    3. Virtue Seekers Youth Camp

For getting the confession from Tessa, you’ll unlock the ‘Full Confession‘ achievement.

Police Station Computer Password

You can successfully guess the police station computer password to unlock an achievement and find more information. Get the keys from Eddy, then access the computer at the front desk.

  • User: D. Wilson
  • Pass: Salem

For getting the correct password, you’ll unlock the ‘Hacking 101‘ achievement.

That’s all the puzzles for Episode 1. Check back soon for more answers in Episode 2 and 3 when they release later this year.