Life Is Strange 2: All Souvenir Collectibles Locations Guide | Episode 5

The final episode of Life Is Strange 2 has landed, and you can finish your collectibles hunt and earn the last achievements / trophies with these souvenir locations. Once again, there are six souvenirs to find and one optional sketch to complete — there’s also an emotional storyline about brotherly love here, but we’re all about those collectibles.

In this episode, the brothers finally reach their destination. They’re so close and yet so far. I won’t spoil anything more, and the collectible locations listed below won’t have too many spoilers. Though, I do recommend completing the episode first, then you can go back and hunt down these (sometimes) elusive collectibles. There aren’t too many, and it gives you a chance to see all the different choices you didn’t try the first time!

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All Souvenir Collectibles Locations Guide | Episode 5

Souvenirs are optional collectibles you can find in Episode 5. There are six total, as well as an optional sketch. Find them all to unlock the ‘Speck of Dust’ achievement / trophy.

Optional Sketch: Right at the start, you’ll be sitting on the edge of a cliff with your brother. Look behind to grab your sketchbook, then look at the canyon to start sketching.

Souvenir #1: After standing up from the sketch, follow the hill down. After dropping down a step, stick to the left edge on the cliffside to view a ‘shiny object’ in the distance. Your little brother will snatch it.

Souvenir #2: At the trailer park, select ‘Okay’ when your little brother calls you on the radio and challenges you to a treasure hunt. The first clue is located at the wind turbine, and the second clue is for the solar panels. Get both parts of the map, then follow it to locate the second souvenir.

Souvenir #3: Moving on, the story will continue and you’ll reach another day at the trailer park. Leaving the trailer, look for a sticker on the garden wooden post.

Souvenir #4: Go to the silver neighboring trailer and look at the junk behind the satellite dish.

Souvenir #5: At the border wall, look forward-right from your starting spot. There’s a large grey rock near some cacti. On top of the water cans, there’s a stone with writing on it. Inspect it, and you’ll be able to take it with you.

Souvenir #6: When you reach the facility, your little brother will help you tear open a large cage door. You’ll find your backpack inside — stop and look at the lower shelves here. You can take the flag pin off this pack before leaving.