Life is Strange Season 2 Dev Explains Why It Takes Longer For Episode Releases

Life is Strange from development team Dontnod Entertainment, is an episodic adventure. Their first season follows a young woman who discovers the ability to rewind time. Afterward, she embarks on a journey with a friend to discover some dark history behind the town of Arcadia Bay. The episodes released over a couple of months, but going into season 2, the episodic releases were far between. After all, it was going to take over a year to release all five episodes of the game into the market. If you were wondering what is taking up so much time then a developer decided to offer a little more insight.

When it comes to Life is Strange, the first season was only about two hours in length for each episode. This time around, the episodes are bigger, where you have up to four hours off content in each episode. Not only is the episodes longer, but the scope of each episode is also much grander with new characters constantly being introduced, new areas and even seasonal changes. This takes a toll on the development team and as a result, there are about four months of work being crammed into the production between episode releases.

In the first Life is Strange each episode was taking place in one day of the same week. In the second Life is Strange each episode is a few days during a whole year for the game and there is an ellipse of several weeks, sometimes months, between the story of each episode so I think the ellipse between the episode makes sense with the wait time in-game and makes sense with the time out-game for the players.

Unfortunately, the game may take a hit from fans who are stuck with waiting several months between episodes. For some, it could be a game that they are holding off from playing until it makes its full debut after the final episode wraps up. As a result, we could be looking at a more sleeper hit video game. We’re wondering if this trend of long gaps between episodes will follow with the upcoming release of Twin Mirror, but only time will tell.

Source: DualShockers