The Best Video Games For Couples On Xbox One

Looking to enjoy some video games with your significant other? There is a massive list of games to choose from. However, if you’re wanting to enjoy something that can be enjoyed locally then here is a good selection to start with. There’s a diverse set of games on this list so there’s hopefully something for everyone. With that said, because these games range drastically between genres, we’re not listing these titles in any particular order.

#10 Team Sonic Racing

The kart racing scene has been dominated by Nintendo with their incredibly popular Mario Kart franchise. Each new platform release comes with a new installment for fans to enjoy but if you don’t own a Nintendo console platform, then you’re out of luck. However, that doesn’t mean there are not alternatives that have gained quite a bit of praise one of which is Team Sonic Racing. Sega has brought out a few installments in the past that are based around kart racing such as the previous release, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which offered fans an assortment of Sega IP characters and game courses to race within. Team Sonic Racing, however, is all about Sonic characters and levels based around his franchise.

You can likely imagine how this game plays out if you’re familiar with other kart racers. You’ll have a variety of tracks and scattered around those tracks is different power-ups that can either buff your vehicle up a bit or provide an attack ability against other players. The result is a high-speed barreling race mixed with a bit of chaos while you attempt to cross the finish line first. As mentioned, this game series has other installments so if you would like something that features a little more than just Sonic the Hedgehog IP you can look into the previous installment which is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. However, this game is not specifically available on the Xbox One platform as it launched for last-generation platforms. With that said, it is backward compatible which means you can still enjoy the game on the Xbox One, and honestly, it holds up well.

#9 Minecraft

Everyone knows what Minecraft is. The game has been around for years and it blew up worldwide with fans young to old enjoying the simplicity gameplay. There’s something for everyone in Minecraft whether you enjoy a survival mode in which you have to carefully venture out, gather resources, and survive the nights. Or to even those of you that enjoy the endless creative gameplay mode that gives you the ability to instantly gain access to all of the available resources so that you can build to your heart’s content. Playing the game is not only easy but incredibly addicting which means it’s a great title for couples.

There’s even a surprise element added to the mix in which you can generate a random world for you to play through. Players can start to wander about the world in hopes of finding a little village, temple, or an abandoned mineshaft. Likewise, the game can generate some incredible terrain locations as well. Whatever the case may be, Minecraft is proven to be a popular title that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The development team behind the game, Mojang, is also steadily supplying content for players as well which means you may find a reason to continue checking back with Minecraft even if you decide to take a break from it.

#8 Borderlands 3

The Borderlands franchise really kicked off that looter shooter type of video game genre. There was a massive wave of fans eagerly picking this game up since the first installment and its one that’s fully focused around cooperative multiplayer. While the game franchise has been around since 2009, we only just received the third mainline installment in 2019 and it offers split-screen local co-op support for two players.

Now don’t be thrown off by the title. Yes, this is the third installment, but you can join the game without playing the previous installments. If you’re interested in an FPS filled with all sorts of loot which will better your equipment in this wacky storyline, then you should give the game purchase. There’s a brand new story for players along with new villains and Vault Hunters so newcomers are welcomed into the fold without needing to go back for the past games. Of course, with that said, the past games are still great and with the art style the developers crafted the game series up with, the previous games still hold up well today.

#7 A Way Out

If you’re after more cinematic video game titles then you can’t go wrong with A Way Out. A lot of people paint this game as being an adaptation of the movie, The Shawshank Redemption and it’s pretty clear why. A lot of points where hit between the two mediums, but that’s not saying it’s a bad thing. This is a fantastic and thrilling prison escape third-person action-adventure game. You will find that the developer Hazelight Studios, did do something a bit unique here when it comes to the gameplay. Within A Way Out, players have to go through the campaign with two players. It’s very much a co-op focused game and without a secondary player, you’re pretty much out of luck enjoying this game unless you opt to watch it online.

In A Way Out, players take the role of two prisoners where their story intertwines. Convicted and placed in prison, the two decide to work together in a desperate escape plan while also seeking out to take care of some unfinished business. Because the gameplay is focused around two players, there are plenty of elements scattered along with the campaign in which the players have to directly help each other. This could be something as simple as causing a distraction while the secondary player sneaks into a restricted area. If you’re after a game that’s also relatively short and has a primary focus of two-player co-op, then A Way Out may also be an enticing pick up as it’s only about six hours long.

#6 Overcooked

Oh, we know that you’re likely already aware of Overcooked. This is a fun party game and it’s spanned two installments so far. In Overcooked, players take the role of cooks in a wacky over-the-top kitchen layout. With passageways constantly being blocked or hazards flooding the area, the need for multiple cooks is a necessity. As a result, you are going to be tossing back and forth ingredients and working together as efficiently possibly in order to complete a dish not only correctly but on time. It’s a constant struggle to move around the area and it very well may mean players having to quickly change their tasks around just to make sure they are getting a meal cooked. As mentioned, this game has two installments available right now and if you’re looking to pick up just one, then I would suggest grabbing the latest entry, Overcooked 2.

#5 Moving Out

Speaking of Overcooked, we have another similar game that players have really gravitated towards and that’s Moving Out. It’s not made by the same development team but if you’re familiar with the gameplay style of Overcooked then you’re going to find quite a bit of similarity here. In this game, players are not cooks but employees of a professional moving company. We’re trading off a kitchen for an entire house as you take jobs to move out everything from a home and place it into a moving truck. This is easier said than done as again, we’re dealing with some unusual homes with a wide assortment of items some of which can be fragile, so please handle with care.

As mentioned, the homes can be a bit unusual as there will be a different range of hazards to watch out for. This could be the likes of fires to even supernatural ghosts. If you’re not easily swayed or frighten off, the home is yours to take all the makeshift furniture and appliances to the moving truck. However, you need to be quick as you’ll find a time limit so making risky moves such as throwing an item to another player or working with a group of players to maneuver an odd shape furniture piece through corridors and rooms will really test your communication skills.

#4 Rocket League

Rocket League was a quick indie hit when it launched. There’s not a lot to talk about here as it throws players into supped up cars on a futuristic soccer field. Using these cars, you’ll have to race down the area to a massive soccer ball and attempt to smash it into the opposing player’s goal. It’s a game that will take players a little bit to figure out the controls and mechanics, but once you got your barrings, this game is an absolute blast. Vehicles in this game feel like they are able to fly through the field, there’s nitro to further expand your speed, not to mention there’s jump feature where you can quite literally blast your car into the air in order to block a shot or assist a player’s hit to ensure the ball makes its way into the goal. Now the game can work on two different levels for players that want to join in together. You could work together as a team or there is a competitive mode where two players can face off against each other. Whatever the case may be, you should find Rocket League to be a blast to enjoy.

#3 Cuphead

Cuphead is quite an eye-catcher. Immediately from the visuals alone, this game looks like an old school 1930s cartoon. Everything is hand-drawn and it offers players a rather awesome looking game to play from StudioMDHR. The title launched in 2017 as a PC and Xbox One exclusive although it has since moved on to other platforms. In Cuphead, the development team brought out a game that really has a focus on boss fights. These fights feel like retro gaming boss fights as the title is a run-and-gun so going through this title, you’re focus should be remembering move sets. This means knowing just what the enemy is capable of, how many shots it offers, and what changes happen after depleting the enemy’s HP bar to a certain point.

There’s still some side content available which is set up as a normal side-scrolling platformer, but the main charm here is the bosses. You will find a ton of them and while it can be easy to rage quit after losing so many times, the title does offer a look at just how close you were to defeating the enemy when the battle comes to an end. Let’s face it, seeing that we’re just inches away from finishing the enemy off is enough to sway us to hit continue and restart the battle all over again.

If you find yourself enjoying this game enough, there is a DLC in the works to further add more boss fights and levels to complete. Likewise, Netflix is even bringing out an animated series based on this charming title.

#2 Choose Your Adventure Games


I couldn’t really just list any one particular game on this point. In fact, most of these games if not all are mainly single players. However, the reason I wanted to make sure this point was featured was mainly due to the story element that these titles offer. Video games from the likes of Telltale Games or Dontnod Entertainment’s Life are Strange, throws players into a crossroads of sorts. These games offer a storyline that can be altered mainly by the decisions you make along the way. If you’re a narrative junkie like me, then you’ll appreciate the effort put into the storyline in which throws optional choices your way. It’s here that you are sometimes really pondering what to do, how you would handle the situation, or perhaps how you feel the character would react to a particular scenario.

There’s a ton of games you can pick from as again, Telltale Games was notorious for these types of titles and Dontnod Entertainment really tugs on a player’s heartstrings with their Life is Strange IP. Sure, there may be only one player controlling the character at any given point, but you’ll likely end up talking about the options with significant other in order to decide how to progress the storyline.

#1 Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is another fun little party game that can be enjoyed with two or more players. It’s a wacky beat ‘em up brawler where these humanoid characters duke it out in a hazardous setting. In this game, players use melee combat to face off as you attempt to headbutt, punch, push, and pull players around the map. You can even knock a player out and then have a bit more time to push their body into a hazard to get rid of them once and for all. It’s a lighthearted game that you’ll likely find a ton of enjoyment out of even if it’s a smaller game.