Mortal Shell: How To Farm Glimpses | Rare Currency Guide

Glimpses are a special rare currency you’ll need to fully upgrade your character class in Mortal Shell. Each shell upgrade costs tar and glimpses — tar should be familiar to anyone that’s played Dark Souls. Tar is basically this game’s version of souls, but glimpses are much harder to come by. Glimpses only drop from difficult enemies, and even then only rarely. Some of the toughest opponents like the hammer-wielded guardians in Eternal Narthex will drop two, but it’s still very time consuming to get enough glimpses to fully upgrade your shell.

The best upgrades in Mortal Shell can cost up to 25+ glimpses. Glimpses don’t get lost when you die, but glimpses are locked to whatever shell you grabbed them on. If you don’t want to spend a lifetime slowly earning enough glimpses for the best upgrades, you can use this very simple farming method. It’s only available once you complete at least one of the bosses and return a gland to the Old Prisoner, but it makes earning glimpses a lot more consistent.

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How To Farm Glimpses

Glimpses only drop rarely from powerful enemies — but they will always drop from the Grisha minibosses. Two Grisha will spawn in Fallgrim when activating the Mist. This farming method is only available after you’ve completed at least one of the boss temples and returned a gland to the Old Prisoner.

Once you return with one gland, you’ll find Thestus at Fallgrim Tower. At the cost of 1 Glimpse, he’ll turn the mist on or off. Talk to him to activate the mist — two Grisha bosses will spawn each time.

  • Glimpse Farming Steps:
    1. Activate the mist by talking to Thestus in Fallgrim Tower.
    2. Defeat both Grisha mini-bosses that respawn in the mist. Each Grisha gives you +6 glimpses, for a total of 12 glimpses.
    3. One Grisha spawns at the bat-covered tree, and the other appears in the dead-end bandit camp, upstream from the giant frog NPC.
    4. Defeat both for +12 glimpses, then return to Thestus. Deactivate the mist, then activate it again to respawn the Grisha.
    5. Rinse and repeat. You’ll earn +10 glimpses per run — +12 for defeating the Grisha, and -2 spent at Thestus to reset.

Grisha aren’t too difficult if you fully upgrade your favorite weapon. You can purchase 2 Quenching Acid from Vlas, and earn another from the fish / frog statue near Fallgrim Tower. There are lots more to find in the world, so check our guide in the list above. A fully upgraded weapon makes the Grisha fights very easy.

You don’t even have to worry about dying. You don’t lose your glimpses if you die. This is easily the best way to earn 25+ glimpses without wasting your valuable consumables.